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Oct 26, 2006 01:27 PM

Peanut Sauce for French Fries

Looking for a recipe for Peanut Sauce for FF. Friends of ours rave about this when they return from trips to Amsterdam. Anyone know what I'm talking about??

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  1. As if FF aren't fattening enough by themselves???? Oy....

    1. Never heard of such a thing and it sounds unappealing to me... too much of that stick-to-your-toungue texture going on, if you mean the basic peanut sauce for buckwheat noodles.
      But maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you thinned that peanut sauce with a lot of soy sauce...?

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      1. re: Ida Red

        Check out the saauce recipe here

        It is wonderful and there is not any stick-to-your-tongue going on at all. It is complex and spicy and delicious. Great stuff.

      2. It could be an influence from the east indies cuisine present

        1. it is an indonesian influence. A Dutch friend who spent half his life in Amsterdam and half in Indonesia always raved about this combination. As far as I know it is the traditional indonesian spicy peanut sauce, which is thinner than a lot of other kinds. This recipe is very close to my friend's: . Fries are also served with peanut sauce and mayonnaise, which is called, without any political-correctness, "French Fry War." But politically correct or not, it is pretty delicious.

          1. Google up a recipe for Gado Gado and you will get your peanut sauce. It is great with the traditional steamed vegetables it is served with too.

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            1. re: Candy

              Better, sometimes. I had a gado gado a couple of weeks ago that was disappointing because it was mostly fried potatoes and not enough crunchy vegetables. Though if the fries had been hot and crispy I might have been happier.