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Oct 26, 2006 01:17 PM

Philadelphia For One Day

My boyfriend and I are coming into Philly for one day from NYC this Saturday.

We'll be dropped off by the bus at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

We're looking for reasonbly priced places to go for lunch and dinner within walking distance of this area. We're willing to walk a mile or mile and a half at most. I'd say we don't want to spend more than $20 or $25 for lunch or $50 for dinner (total). He doesn't drink and I'd maybe have one. We're not huge appetizer or dessert people either.

Sorry if this is too general of a question, but neither of us has ever been here.


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  1. Eat lunch and browse the Reading Terminal Market. It's across the stree from the Convention Center and very uniquely Philly. Trust me, Reading Terminal puts the Chelsea Market to shame! Best bets are the roast pork at DiNic's and pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place. It's very inexpensive too.
    If you bring us buns from FayDa we'd be happy to show you around (laugh!)

    1. You are in luck!
      You are right near the Reading Terminal Market, which has great food and is a lot of fun. There are entrances on Arch St., near 12th, and on 12th St. You can get all kinds of things - you can browse this Board - like great cheesesteaks, roast pork sandwiches, etc. - and you can wander around and pick what you want. It's a great Philadelphia experience.

      As for dinner - do you like Chinese or Vietnamese food? You are very close to Chinatown, and there are very good places that people can recommend.

      If you prefer Italian or American food, you will just need to walk a little farther. We have many BYOB'S so there is no pressure to order drinks - you can't!

      One good and reasonable one is La Viola, on 16th St. near Spruce. Cash only. You need to make a reservation.
      There are many others - let us know what you're interested in.

      1. Definitely head to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch! It's practically next door to the convention center and has a wide variety of great stuff. It gets pretty crowded on weekends, but if you want to see a lot of what Philly has to offer in one visit, definitely go there.

        For dinner, I'd agree with the La Viola rec if you're in the mood for Italian and on a $50 budget. I've eaten there for $42 for two people with an app and a dessert. They make the best gnocchi I've ever had in the city.

        Lolita (mexican-inspired BYO) is also pretty close at 13th and Sansom. It's a tiny bit pricier than La Viola, but still very doable for $50, and very good.

        Chinatown is northeast of the convention center, there are two good Vietnamese places there, Vietnam and Vietnam Palace. Each has their fans. If you like sushi, there's a great sushi place called Kisso at 4th and Race, that's just under a mile from the CC.

        1. I second DiNics and also the thai stand at the market

          And I add that I am soooo utterly perplexed by your apathy towards appetizers...once, in NYC, we ordered a repeat of our appetizers for dessert at a thai restaurant. the waiter was so tickled that we got another round of free drinks. I am a sucker for a good spring roll and dumplings.

          1. DEFINITELY Reading Terminal Market. Have a cannoli (ricotta) and an amaretto horseshoe cookie from Terminis. Also, the Pennsylvania Dutch or Cheesesteak stands would probably be interesting to you since they are so typically Philly.

            You are very close to Chinatown, but NY's is so much larger. We do have some great restaurant there though.

            And you MUST buy some taylor pork roll to take back. It's great fried up lightly crisped for breakfast.