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Oct 26, 2006 01:15 PM

Nahiri in Boston

I've just learned about the famous Dehlian stew nahiri. Is it available in any of the Boston Indian joints?

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  1. And what is it, pray tell?

    1. It's a beef stew simmered overnight with lots of red chilis. The chilis were thought to have germ killing properties.

      1. Wow, I haven't had that anywhere outside of Delhi. It's REALLY good. From I heard in India, the chilis are used to try and counteract the area's horrible water supply. Doesn't sound appetizing, but the stew is excellent.

        1. I've never seen that at any Indian restaurant in Boston. Perhaps a local restaurant owner would be kind enough to add this to their menu! I'd love to try it...

          1. I should try to figure out which Indian places might be owned/operated by Dehlians and beg them to add it to the menu!