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Oct 26, 2006 01:10 PM

Blanton's in Ontario?

I was recently treated to the best bourbon I have ever tasted. A friend cam back from Kentucky with a bottle of Blanton's. I am now on a mission to find more of it above the border - I want all the letters on the cork!

Any ideas? Liquor in Ontario is controlled by the provincial government and they don't carry it. Short of purchasing an entire case, is there anything else I can do? Is this something that might be carried in New York state? Thanks!

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  1. You can find what is available at any LCBO using their website search at:
    That said, there is only 1 bottle available in Ontario (in Windsor). Your best bet is New York State. Some recommended alternates would be Eagle Rare, Jim Beam Black or Knob Creek. Unfortunately, Bourbon is becoming harder to buy in Ontario all the time.

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      If there is one bottle in Windsor, they will courier it to your local store of choice. It is one of their mandates as a government agency.

      1. re: The Boss

        Thanks for the tip. I called the Windsor LCBO on Wednesday and, indeed, they had one bottle of Blanton's. However, the bottle was on hold for somebody else coming in to pick it up from the States. I was instructed to call back on Friday, and if the bottle was still there, they would ship it to my local LCBO. I just got off the phone with them, and I am disheartened to report that the bottle is gone. So the search is renewed. I think I will have to scour my friends for trips to the States, and bribe them into visiting liquor stores for me.

      2. re: R Plumber

        Yech. Jim Beam Black & Knob Creek taste nothing like blantons. My friend refers to Beam Black as "Tasting slightly less like battery acid" and Knob as "ok for a mixer, I guess." I tend to agree, though I think Beam Black is a bit worse than that. If you can find Buffalo Trace I think you'd be happy and I believe it's also a bit more widely distributed north of the border than Blantons. If you are ever in KY make sure to get your hands on some of the rarer Blantons bottles. Yummy.

        1. re: jpschust

          You are right, Buffalo Trace makes a good maintenance bourbon, nothing too exciting but quite drinkable. I would argue with you regarding JBB and KC, but as I am sure you are aware, bourbon tastes are a personal preference. Up here in Ontario, we don't have the option of picking up Van Winkles, Blantons or any of the better bourbons at our local liquor stores, so we make due with what we have available and bring back the good stuff on our trips down south.

          1. re: R Plumber

            I believe Booker's is reasonably available. It's also a single cask bottling, though not quite the quality of Blantons.

            The bourbon situation in Ontario really has become depressing. It looks like the LCBO is pushing premium tequilas these days. Just about a year ago, they had quite a bit of Blantons in stock. Now I have to go out of my way to find some Jim Beam Black or Buffalo Trace. While the incredibly bland Wild Turkey 80 proof and Jim Beam White continue to clutter the shelves.

            I guess it's too much to hope they get some of the American Ryes up here soon!

            1. re: Pantz

              If you like rye, you should consider Centennial Limited Edition Rye Whisky (Highwood Distillers) or Danfields Private Reserve (Williams & Churchill) which I much prefer to standard Canadian Rye/Blended whiskies. Both are widely distrubuted in Ontario, (but check the website).

      3. couple options:
        --go to buffalo
        --try to find some other bourbon fans to split a case for a private order
        --enjoy it at a restaurant like southern accent, which i believe still has some.
        agreed on the blanton's being delicious

        1. Why don't you see if a liquor store in the states will mail to Canada? Sam's wine and spirits in IL has a website. Internet Wine and Liquor has one as well (I think they are in MO). You can also just call a liquor store in Kentucky (where most bourbon comes from) and see if they will mail to you. I had Toddy's in Bardstown, KY mail 2 botlles of bourbon not carried by a lot of distributors to another state in the US.

          1. Supermarket liquors in Niagara Falls NY had it as of June 8 put it in an overnight bag and don't declare it $40.00 US before tax, Van Winkle's even better $91.00 same store on military road just past Tops friendly market. Buy a bottle of Sazerac rye made by Buffalo Trace $24.00 its awesome stuff makes Crown Royal seem tasteless.

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