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Oct 26, 2006 12:45 PM

brittle without nuts?

Seeing all the posts about traditional holiday treats you give away has started me thinking. I always try to make one new thing, and I was interested in trying a brittle.

However, I am allergic to nuts, as are a number of family members. Is is possible/worth to try making brittle w/out nuts? Are nuts the very essesence of brittle and too important to remove?

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  1. Seeds come to mind; you may wish to experiment with them. (And/or steel cut oats maybe?)

    1. Without nuts it would be very hard, very sweet candy, not very interesting IMO. I think I would make toffee instead. But seeds are a good idea if you can eat them, I think pepitas would work well (I think there are recipes for pepita brittle out there).

      The nuts or seeds add (relative) softness to the candy as well as flavour.

      1. The recipe for pepita brittle in the latest Martha Stewart sounds very good. Also I have had brittle with sesame seeds and really loved it.

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          I have been thinking about making pumpkin seed/pepita brittle for Halloween. I will look online for the Martha recipe. I was wondering if I could just substitute pepitas for peanuts in my peanut brittle recipe? Also, I was thinking about lightly some of the pepitas for a spicy batch and tossing them with cayenne and salt before adding them to the brittle recipe. Any opinions or thoughts are appreciated! Thanks everyone.

          1. Sesame brittle is a standard Asian sweet and absolutely delicious, as already said.

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              I always make pumpkin seed brittle around this time

              1. re: sugarbuzz

                Second that fully. Can even add chili powder to the sweet.

                1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                  Oops, guess I should have read all the posts before posting my reply. Sorry! A couple of questions on your pumpkin seed brittle sugarbuzz, and the chili powder Sam. Do you have a recipe you use, or do you just sub pumpkin seeds for peanuts? When do you add the chili powder? Should I toast the pepitas first with chili or add to the mixture? Thanks so much for your help.

                  1. re: ScarletB

                    Sorry for the delay. Just--as you guessed--sub toasted pumpkin seed for peanuts, add chili powder when toasting.