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Which cereal does not get soggy?

I prefer healthier ones - not the fruity pebbles, cocoa puffs, or lucky charms. I'm tired of eating cereal that is mushy minutes after the milk is poured.

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  1. I agree with you! Have you tried Oatmeal Squares - or the organic Puffins?

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      I specifically clicked on this post to suggest Quaker Oatmeal Squares! It takes forever for them to get soggy, and they're big enough to be little snacks, like crackers or tiny cookies.

    2. Oaty Bites! They're probably in the organic section of your grocery store, but they're a little like Crispix except they stay crispier longer - they're the best.

      1. Heart to Heart by Kashi stays nice and crunchy in milk

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          Ditto! It's replaced Cheerios as my go-to breakfast cereal. Good snack out of the box, too. My wife likes Kashi "Good Friends", which also retains its crispness pretty well.

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            I'll look for that one, thanks!

        2. Grapenuts takes a while to get mushy.

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            If you don't break a tooth first :)

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              OMG, thats so funny....I lost a filling once eating it.

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              Hey...my favorite cold-cereal treat is to spread a spoon of sugar and then a good dose of either top milk or half-and-half over a bowl of Grape Nuts, and then let it sit while I have a cup of coffee. That's something I fell in love with back before I was even drinking coffee...

            3. Wasn't there a cereal a while back that made that an advertising point, that it doesn't get soggy in milk? I think it was Crispix? (BTW, it did get soggy, but much later than normal cereals.)

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                Cap'n Crunch stays crunchy, even in milk.

                As does Gritty Kitty kitty litter.

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                  Crispix does soften but unless you eat one piece at a time it doesn't really get soggy.

                  Puffins are awesome as a snack, but not with milk in a bowl!

                2. Shredded Wheat? I had a neighbor as a kid who always poured boiling water on she SW to soften it and then drained and put on milk. Weird.

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                    I always thought Shredded Wheat was SUPPOSED to get soggy. . though the frosted kind takes a little longer.

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                      I guess i ate mine quickly enough that it did not. Never had the sugary stuff. Just the big bricks.

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                      Pouring the boiling water on is traditional (or so I'm told). I get weird looks from my family for drizzling honey on the shredded wheat and then eating it quickly with cold milk before it softens. Eaten still crispy it is one of my favourite cereal -- soft, I can hardly swallow it down.

                    3. Try any good granola cereals or kamut. Crunchy, crunch, crunch. : )

                      1. Puffins. Tj's carries them in plain, honey and cinnamon.

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                        1. re: madisoneats

                          The peanut butter ones are the BEST!

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                            Yes, granola cereals and Kashi's cereals, particularly the Heart to Heart product stay crispy/crispier than more traditional cereals.

                            I try not to eat the dry cereals anymore, but I have to admit that one of my indulgences is combining Wheaties with Cherios. I WANT the Wheaties to get soggy, which they do. I actually WAIT, until the Wheaties get soggy. I find that there is more taste that can be extracted and sensed from them when they are in a soggy vs. crispy state. If I want crispy in such a cereal, that's what Rice Crispies was named for, but they seem like empty calories. Enjoy the sound, but eat something else at the same time the crispies are poppin'.

                          2. Post Grape Nuts

                            Kellogg's All Bran

                            1. Kashi Go Lean and Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

                              1. My jaw is tired just reading the responses! How about pouring the milk and adding just a little cereal, finishing that and adding more? That way, you can have your favorite and not worry about it getting soggy.

                                1. Nature's Path makes a cereal called Heritage O's - tastes like O-shaped grape nuts, and no amount of milk makes it soggy. I actually eat them as an alternative to nuts...

                                  1. Definitely Kashi Go Lean Crunch - that's one I nearly break teeth on, but I do like it!!

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                                      The thing i don't like about kashi's GLC is that half the bag is usually just little crums, not crunchy clusters.

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                                        Luckily even the crumbs are yummy. Note that the regular Go Lean is a bit healthier than the go lean crunch (less sugar, more fiber) but not as yummy or crunchy. Thank you.

                                    2. I heard a comic doing a bit about breakfast cereal years ago:

                                      "I really like Grape Nuts for breakfast -- although sometimes I forget to pour milk on them the night before..."

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                                        Nice one Luwak...! Keep 'em coming ...! : )

                                      2. OK, so pretty much everyone who has ever seen me eat cereal has told me I'm a freak, but my solution to not having soggy cereal is to not put milk on it! Very simple. I will do granola with yogurt, but that's about it - not that I eat much cereal these days, just sayin'. Why is it a given that cereal has to be swimming in a bowl of milk?

                                        1. If you buy a cereal that has ingredients that appeal to you at Trader Joe's, there's a good chance it won't get too soggy. I associate healthy, crunchy cereal with TJs. You can find all the puffins and Kashis and lots of very crunchy cereal over there.