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Oct 26, 2006 06:28 AM

sparkling reds

I recently tried the Black Chook sparkling shiraz, and I'm hooked! After that success, I decided to keep myself open to other sparkling reds, and ended up getting a bottle of a Trevor Jones(?) sparkling grenache. I don't remember liking the sparkling grenache as much, but keep in mind that I hadn't re-tried either since then and my memory of the experiences might just favor the initial tasting. Could anyone suggest other interesting sparkling reds with specific vintners and perhaps even vintages? Thanks!

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  1. Are these dessert wines? If you are looking for a sparkling red dessert wine Brachetto d'Acqui is really wonderful, sweet, yes, but not cloying with some acidity and of course the fine bubbles. Often it is sort of pricey in the US but it shouldn't be, it's not meant to be a "serious" wine...PJ Wine carries a nice one for only $10, Convento Cappuccini 2005.
    I don't have experience with Lambrusco but this sparkling red is enjoying renewed interest in the US and good ones are becoming available.

    1. Link to a recent discussion about sparkling shiraz:

      My favourite red sparkler is Cerdon Bugey from the Savoie region of France, either 100% gamay or a blend of gamay and poulsard. Like Brachetto, it's a little sweeter than off dry, not that it matters. Alcohol levels usually clock in at 8%. Raphaël Bartucci, an organic producer, is the only brand I've found in Quebec. Renardat Fache is popular with US wine geeks.

        1. Dry Lambrusco, especially "Concerto" by Medici Ermite, are my favorite sparkling reds. I also once enjoyed a bottle of Fox Creek's "Vixen" Shiraz/Cabernet Franc. My main gripe with sparkling reds is that the bubbles disappear so quickly, far quicker than a conventional sparkling wine.

          There a lot of great sparkling rosés out there too, especially from Champagne and the various French Crémants. Some of them have a whole lot of color and structure.

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            If you are in CA, Alberto Medici of Ermete Medici is doing a series of dinners starting in LA on Friday 11/3. The schedule is here: - click on the Nov 06 link. I'm booked for the one in Santa Cruz on the 6th and looking forward to some frizzante wine parings. The menu at the place I am going to is:

            Sage Tagliatelle with Roasted Pumpkin & Brown Butter
            2005 Medici Ermete "Daphne" Malvasia DOC secco

            Pancetta Wrapped Scallops with Celery Root Purée & Parsley Sauce
            2005 Medici Ermete "Concerto" Lambrusco Reggiano DOC secco

            Poached Pears with Honey Gelato
            2005 Medici Ermete "Nebbie d'Autunno" Malvasia IGT dolce

            Parmigiano-Reggiano with Aceto Tradizionale di Reggio (12 year balsamic vinegar
            )2005 Medici Ermete "Bocciolo" Grassparossa DOC dolce

            And here is a picture of a fizzing glass for anyone who has not tried one of these wines.

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              kool pic! The Brachetto I mention, by the way, has bubbles that last, especially since you have finished the glass before you know it

          2. Here's a cheap, easy-drinking find from Trader Joe's, about $6. Yep, it is Dolce, and maybe too sweet for some, but I like it.

            (NV) LeGrotte Lambrusco Dolce