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Oct 26, 2006 03:10 AM

Carlo's/ Downhill Alert

Sadly I have to report that I believe Carlo's in Brighton is on a downhill swing. I was there the other night with the family and it's not up to par. Carlo's was never fine dining, but was able to do the basic Italian better than average. If last night was any indication, that's not the case anymore. I really wanted to like and enjoy the meal, but everything was....BORING and made without any care. They seemed to be following a recipe without any pizazz.Some orders: Italian Antipasto - very boring,low quality ingredients. Chicken Geraldo (with mushrooms)- boring, not very tasty. An eggplant involtini (substituted for veal)- boring, little taste. Eggplant parm - deadly wrong - two slabs of breaded deep fried eggplant with melted cheese in the middle and on top, with mediocre sauce on top as an after thought. The only thing that looked and tasted good was the homemade pasta with chicken and broccoli rabe. I was sorely defalted by the whole meal. If I hear any other reports like this, I'm not going back. It's sad, I always liked this place as a comfort food spot, but I guess all things change. I hope this was a very off night.

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  1. I know I'm in the minority here, but I never did think it was better than the average red-sauce joint. It always seemed of the crowd-em-in and wow-em-with-heaps-of-glop variety to me. What was I missing then, even if I'm apparently not missing it now?

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      I completely agree. I think it got more credit than it deserved as it was the only decent Italian in the area.

    2. I always thought their calamari was good, as well as their chicken saltenboca. Never liked any of the red sauce dishes, and they always had bland meatballs. But it was better than going to Vinny Testas for take-out, although I surprising like Vinny's tiramisu. Anyway, had the few mentioned dishes at Carlos a few weeks ago and it seemed the same to me.