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Oct 26, 2006 03:04 AM

Shanghai: Xujiahui/Xuhui Cheap Eats?

I'm headed back to Shanghai for a month in mid-November. I'll be mostly on a self-designed "xiao chi" tour around Puxi, but will be based at my SIL's apartment in a soon-to-be demolished lane a stone's throw from Xujiahui circle and probably looking for some cheap sit-down places for dinner (mostly solo) close by. Local focus, not expat focus please, and Chinese-style chains may be OK. Not a fan of contemporary Xujiahui area proper (makes Times Square feel sedate), but love the area between there and Consular Row and may be stumbling up that way looking for a good street-food breakfast to start the day. Know of any good baozi, jianbing or doufu hua vendors up in that vicinity?

I also recall there were a couple of good soup noodle places near Jiaotong U. a few year back, but have forgotten where. Any recomendations for student hangouts?

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