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cool scene w/ great food/wine on Thursday night

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A friend of mine and I are hoping to find a last minute recommendation for a cool scene with great food and wine for tomorrow night. Not a bank breaker but does not need to be inexpensive either. Last minute overnight to Boston and she's had a very tough week so I'm seeking a memorable experience. Thanks!

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    1. where r U staying & will U have a car?

      1. ok.

        try Troquet for dinner:

        then Gypsy Bar for after dinner drinks and whatnot:

        both are right on the common and very cool. itz a very short walk from one to the other.

        1. Maybe Les Zygomates?

          Live music, good wine and food


          1. I understand that Douzo is the place for scene and good food. Don't know about the wine situation, but that's where I'd head.

            1. I would go for the tasting menu at EVOO - very reasonable, and the wine pairing is good, too! The place is classy yet very relaxed and friendly.

              1. My first thought was the bar at Davio's - I love the atmosphere there and the food and wine are both excellent.

                If you are closer to Cambridge then try Oleanna - either the dining room or the bar.

                The bar at No. 9 park is great and you will get excellent service.

                1. Couple other suggestions -

                  Via Matta - cool scene, very good food, excellent bartending.

                  How about Dante in Cambridge? I am thinking a nice view of the city would be relaxing and memorable. Does the dining room have a great view?

                  Gotta say that if scene's what you're after, No. 9 Park bar may be a very good choice.

                  What about Radius? That's got a high scene index too, no?

                  Now if you want a real scene, hit the Hong Kong after. ;)

                  1. My sincere thanks for all your replies.

                    We're off to Oleanna and then over to Davio's for drinks.

                    Love this site.