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Oct 26, 2006 01:47 AM

The Gehry Design Center - Delicious

I got out of work today around noon and wanted to pick up lunch for Dommy! and I so we could have lunch together. I had heard about this place through the board and LA Times and thought it was worth the trip since it was sort of in the neighborhood. I got lost getting there since Beatrice St. is turned into a cul-de-sac when entering from Centinela. I went around found parking and headed up on to the patio deck and order window where there was a line of 5 people ahead of me. There was a huge chalkboard with the menu and quite a few things crossed out, a specials board near the order window and a take out menu which looked a lot like what was on the chalkboard.

I made my choices and waited for my turn. I tried to order the spicy peanut noodle and green bean salad they were out along with the brie and greens salad I ended up with the Chicken Caesar. then I tried for the Eel Sushi, it was out ended up with spicy tuna. Got the Grilled Veggie and Feta on Focaccia, the potato and Bacon Chowder and to drink a sparkling cider along with a pomegranate and blood orange juice. Total Damage $28 tip Then I headed off to Dommy's work for lunch.

The Tuna Roll was first and the filling was fresh, creamy, spicy and damn near perfect I made the mistake of dipping my first piece into a little soy. it was a mistake since it hid the flavor of the tuna. The problem was the Rice it had dehydrated and was almost crunchy ewww! I have had better pre-made sushi rice a Pavilions.

Next was the Chowder which came in a large Paper Coffee Cup. It was really good. It reminded me of a Cooks Illustrated Clam Chowder Dommy! made once [without the clams] Very smokey very creamy. It came with a cracker which reminded me of a combination of matzo and crown pilot crackers. Dommy! ate most of it. she was hungry and it was that good. Maybe next time I'll get 2 and not try and share ;-)

The Chicken Caesar was nothing special, decent dressing. Grilled Veggie Sandwich was also decent but the Focaccia was dry.

The other highlight was the Pomegranate and Blood Orange juice. I cannot describe it. It was unlike anything I'd had before. It was not sweet but it was very flavorful and a cool dark purple color. if I see it again I will have to try it on my own since this was another "shared" thing.

If you are expect lots of people on hand to make your order as you wait, it is not that way. Everything is pre-made and prepackaged. Its a few steps in quality above the lady who comes around my work and sells stuff from Rainbow Pacific Gourmet out of a cooler but it is a similar concept. It made it easy for Dommy to take her share of the sandwich and salad and save it for dinner before school. It is a decent place for lunch especially in a neighborhood which has next to nothing. There was a line of people behind me when I was done and with the exception of having to mind read what they had left for lunch at 12:30 things went smoothly.

Take Care

- P.

12531 Beatrice St.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 821-5806
(310) 821-5879 (fax)

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  1. I work in the gehry center. This place is poor on all levels. It does have decent frozen yogurt and smoothies, but besides that it is a small step above cafeteria slop.

    1. Used to work a block or two away from here. My friends and I tried it one day after one of us saw the article in the LA times. We did not go back - the only thing that could have ever had compelled us to go back was that it was in walking distance while basically nothing else was from our office. But I'd rather go hungry than waste my money here.

      I think the LA Times article mentioned that the place is affiliated with a caterer - it seemed it certainly - everything looked like it was hand made, but prepackaged. I would never use this caterer to cater anything.

      The sandwhiches were memorable, but only because they were expensive for their size (even if they had been good) and they seemed like they could have been taken straight out of the vending machine we had at work - they were clearly premade. The ingredients seemed decent quality, but who knows how long it had been sitting wrapped in plastic? I think my sandwhich included tomato and/or dressing, and it had completely soaked in to the bread by the time it made it to my plate.

      Some of us were in the mood for sushi, but none of us ordered any. From what we could see, it was also prepackaged and looked no better than what you could buy at Ralphs.

      All n' all, very dissapointing.

      1. tried this place out a couple weeks ago for lunch. all i remember is a clueless staff with dried-out food that tasted of styrofoam and plastic wrap.

        1. I've had two sandwiches from delicious. The first was the caprese sandwich with mozzarella, basil, tomato, and a basil was OK for a six dollar cheese sandwich. I ate it unheated with a bag of Fritos® and a Diet Coke®. It was tasty and had a lot of cheese. The bread, which was thick and powdery, seemed stale.
          Then, a few days later I went back and had the turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo and boston lettuce.I ate it unheated with a bag of Fritos® and a Diet Coke® It was terrible. Not unlike something you'd find in a hospital cafeteria. The mayo was non-existent and the lettuce was slimy. That cost 7.50.
          Both times I had trouble finding parking, so I paid 1.50 to park in the lot next door.
          To be honest you can get a bruschetta burger at Jack In The Box for 3.50 which will blow your mind. That is if you'd stop being such a snob.
          This place is good for the hipsters who make a six figures and up and who work in the buildings nearby. Me? I'll stick with the Rainbow food cart guy who swings by my building. Or back to Jack in the Box.

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          1. re: 4n4

            you forgot to mention that the turkey in the turkey sandwich was actually turkey roll--and not a very good quality turkey roll at that.

          2. there is a building on the corner of beatrice and jefferson, about a block from delicious. in it, there's a tiny humble eatery called 'plaza cafe'. the building itself is currently under construction, so you have to travel through a labyrinthine disaster area to get to the cafe, but once you do, you can get a sandwich, a few asian dishes (sorry i'm at about 3 glasses of wine right now and memory fails me on the details), awesome breakfast burritos, each for around 3-4 dollars. doesn't have the ambience and fancy gehry-designed chairs that delicious has, but the food is solid, made to order (which is far more than i can say for the soggy prefab sandwiches at delicious), and cheap. they also have a wide variety of chips, bottled drinks, and frozen treats.