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Oct 26, 2006 01:32 AM

Last minute celebration restaurant? for today

Does anyone have a suggestion for a place to go for dinner tonight as a last minute celebration for 2 people? I'm looking for any style of food, but a place that is special (doesnt have to be super pricey or fancy, but tasty) where one could get in last minute, without a reservation in San Francisco.

Preferably a place where I could take tasty pictures of food with my new camera.

I'd really appreciate suggestions.

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  1. You could call Incanto, they're usually not full on weeknights.


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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I feel tempted, but I went for my birthday (today) 2 years ago. They seem to have a lot more cool offal on the menu this time around. I might go, but I'm waiting for more suggestions still. Thanks Robert

    2. You can call and see if you can get a table upstairs for Chouchou.

      Matterhorn is another good celebratory type place.

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      1. re: anna

        What about the bar at Piperade? I think they also leave a few tables for walk-ins..

      2. Slanted Door or JArdineaire

        Not fancy, but we like Tadich Grill too.

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        1. re: normalheightsfoodie

          Slanted Door's usually booked solid.

          Do you really find it celebratory? To me it's sterile, noisy, and not very comfortable.

        2. the last time I needed a last minute celebration place I went to Boulevard and ate at the counter overlooking the kitchen (which is available without reservations) was lots of fun!

          I find Acme celebratory and it shouldn't be full...Jardiniere is also a possibility...or Piperade or Aziza...

          1. la folie seems to have more opentable spots than others of its caliber. pick polk, or hyde, or union, or chestnut street, areas with lots of restos in a row. or west portal.

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            1. re: himbeer

              West Portal: Bursa and Roti are both great.