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Oct 26, 2006 01:01 AM

Best pizza in park slope?

I like smiley on 9th and 7ave but there must be others out there.

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  1. Joes on 7th and Carroll

        1. This has been talked about just a few times before:

          1. Best slice: Joe's on 5th (11th & 12th)
            Best pies: La Villa
            Best white pie: Anthony's
            Most underrated slice: La Bruschetta on 7th (next to Radio Shack)
            Odd pie pick: Olive Vine's Olive Vine Pizza

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            1. re: AngelaH

              best slice- joes - 7th ave/carroll st.
              close runner up -- Joe's on 5th (11/12)
              underrated-- agreed -- La Bruschetta on 7th (5/6th sts)
              pretty darn good -- pizza plus -- 7th ave (10/11)

              1. re: zuesnyc

                Totally underrated/often unknown: Luigi's, 20th and 5th Ave