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Oct 26, 2006 12:24 AM

Sang Lee Farms, North Fork LI

I just have to say that Sang Lee's bottled salad dressings are so delicious. I just had the Asian Vinagrette and I am using it sparingly as I don't know when I will be out there again to stock up.

Does anyone know if any grocers or specialty stores sell their dressings. (Near Quogue or Manhattan....maybe the Union Square Farmer's Market?)

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  1. they have a website that might answer your questions. google sang lee farms

    1. I've never seen their dressings elsewhere, but it looks like they ship Fedex. Or maybe they'd sell you a case next time you're there? Their different pestos are great too, but the reason I always pull in is for their mesclun with the edible flowers, looks and tastes fantastic.

        1. Well, I was in there today and they said they are working on it-that is, selling their drressings in NYC. BUT they said they will ship it anywhere.

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