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Oct 26, 2006 12:14 AM

missed the boat on wangs chinese in somerville

where is it exactly- and what's good there? i need a chinese fix and feel like zoe's just doesnt cut it anymore.

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  1. Just east of "Ball Square," which is on Broadway in North Somerville. I've liked everything I've gotten there except an entree of steamed whole fish , which I didn't feel was all that fresh.

    1. thanks-i'll make a point of going soon.

      1. Wangs Fast Food
        509 Broadway, Somerville, MA
        (617) 623-2982

        The neighborhood is called Magoun Square.

        1. Are you suggesting a Zoe's Somerville downturn and if so, why?

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          1. re: tatamagouche

            Zoe's, in my opinion, is becoming quite uneven. a good meal here, 2 or 3 less so. having had some very good meals there in the past- it makes the unevenness harder to accept.

            1. re: missthebagelsbadly

              i think that it's been that way for a while now. some things are still generally fine (such as the double cooked pork) but the overall quality began to trend down a year or so ago. it's still an ok neighborhood option, i think, but in the past it was actually a worthwhile destination.

              1. re: missthebagelsbadly

                I'm starting to subscribe to the theory that it's Zoe's *menu* that is inconsistent. Dishes off the North/South, Szechuan, and Family Style menus are consistently good. Dishes in the other parts of the menu are often poor. I've ordered delivery from there about five times in the past couple of months, and have been happy each time, with the exception of an over-sweet eggplant dish on the regular menu.

                As a side note, I want to Shangri-La in Belmont for the second time yesterday. This restaurant has blown me away. Just wish they delivered!

                1. re: fenian

                  That's what I was going to say. The menu at Zoe's ranges everywhere from very good (cumin lamb) to really crummy (gloopy gloppy dumbed down stuff) and everywhere in between. It's one of those places where you have to know what to order.... which isn't nice if you're going to recommend it to someone and they come back all "huh?".

                  If you like Shangri-La, definitely check out Mulan. I liked SL very much but I loooooove Mulan.

                  1. re: yumyum

                    Gloopy gloppy dumbed down stuff is a great way to describe Zoe's overbattered concoctions.

                    I've been to both Mulan and strongly prefer Shangri-La. Strange!

                    1. re: fenian

                      That's good, actually. I live right between the two and this gives me an excuse to go back and try Shangri-la again after recently getting hooked on Mulan. What do you especially like there?

                2. re: missthebagelsbadly

                  I think when Zoe's does American-style chinese food, it does so generally poorly in my opinion. E.g., their lo mein is only so-so - beef with broccoli is boring, etc. (Compared to, say, Chang-sho).

                  It trends upward when you get the more unusual items.

              2. (meant to be a reply to yumyum above)

                With the caveat that I don't eat meat beyond seafood and poultry...
                The fish with dry bean sauce (about $16) is one of the best entrees I've had in Boston. It was really fresh sea bass in no sauce with a pungent, dry topping. Yesterday I got fish fillet with tofu in a (not that) spicy sauce. If you like tofu, I recommend it--the soft tofu in this dish had a wonderful, unusual texture (silky on the inside while chewy on the outside). The fish was melt in your mouth.

                All the appetizers I've tried were much better than average also: jellyfish salad, green bean thread noodles (really unusual), and sauteed bean sprouts with spicy sauce.