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Oct 26, 2006 12:11 AM

Pioneer Bakery on Rose

When did the Pioneer Bakery on Rose close? I remember it being open this summer. I loved that place - the cheap "used" bread, the fresh bread, the muffins and those strudel like creations. That was the first place I ever saw sourdough bread shaped like a lobster (back in the 80s).

What happened?

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  1. IIRC, if this is the place in Venice, there was a time in the '70's when it also featured a cafeteria/buffet with a pleasant patio dining area. That was a long time ago.

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      That would have been the Pioneer Boulangerie on Main St. in Santa Monica. I was one of those who was sad to see it go.

    2. Gold Coast Bakery closed the facility earlier this year and relocated some of the employees to Santa Ana, ref:
      Reportly there is some GC/Pioneer outlet on the corner of Montana and Lincoln in Santa Monica, but GC does not seem to have any web presence to verify this.
      Pioneer is now just a brand name for a industrial, non-artisanal food factory.

      1. Thanks for the info.

        I don't remember the cafeteria but my first visit was probably in around '83 as that's when we moved to Santa Monica. I swear, at least one of the women working there has been around as long as I can remember. I've seen the place on Montana, but have never been in.

        I feel so sad now, the bakery was a childhood favorite.

        1. Yes, it's unfortunate because it was a pretty reliable source for rolls when I needed tons of them quickly. They are supposedly going to turn the land into a condo development.

          1. Pioneer Bakery is indeed on Lincoln and Montana. They share a space with Panda Express. They still serve their great signature breads. Huge Shepherders loaf and sour dough baguettes. Huge variety of breads and pastries. They also make great cakes. I used to work at the Pioneer Boulangerie in the late 70's on Main Street in Santa Monica. What a great time that was. I can still smell hot rolls coming off the conveyor belt. As well as the restaurant, there was a cheese counter and great wine room. How I miss there. It was a sad day when they closed. The building is now torn down and becoming condos. So what else is new?!

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              We used to eat at the Boulangerie quite often! Good place.. their bread was a favorite. I haven't thought of that place in years.

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                They had great clam chowder soup and delicious green godess dressing!!! Believe it or not, their bread tastes the same as it did 25 years ago. I just came back from the bakery and bought some large french rolls and a sourdough loaf. yum!