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Oct 26, 2006 12:06 AM

Downtown LA - one night, solo dining

What's the best restaurant downtown reasonably close to the Biltmore? In town for one night tomorrow night, solo dining. Best = most interesting, innovative, creative preparations. Open to any cuisine, and price not all that important. I figure if I gotta be in LA alone tomorrow night, I might as well eat well while I'm there. Thanks in advance.

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  1. about 2 blocks down (though I hesitate to walk solo down those blocks late at night) is Noe at the Omni, which seems to fit your bill.

    Oh yea, and Water Grill half a block away - but pretty pricey:


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    1. re: AquaW

      Water Grill is definitely pricey - especially the wines. But the bar is so nice and the service so good that even when I have a partner, we often choose the bar. You can avoid the outrageously priced wine list by drinking martinis, which go great with shellfish (and kill the vibrio in oysters - what a rationalization).

      1. re: AquaW

        Went to Noe about 6 weeks ago and was very disappointed. I would avoid.

      2. I spend at least 2-3 nights a week in Downtown LA, staying at a hotel... so I have empathy. I really like eating at the bar at the Water Grill which is VERY close to your hotel. Not cheap. Seafood oriented. One of the best restaurants in downtown.

        1. I've never eaten at the bar at the Water Grill, but absolutely recommend the restaurant. One of the best most reliable restaurants in LA, esp. if you like seafood. Its not the newest scene, but that is probably for the better if you are eating alone.

          1. Water Grill for sure, and their bar would be great for solo dining. Plus if you decide to celebrate the one night with lots of vino, you could just roll back into your hotel room.

            1. I like Cuidad, it is very close Biltmore. It has very good Latin American food...