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Oct 25, 2006 11:51 PM

Lunch at 900 Grayson

Last Friday, husb and myself made a Costco run, gassed up, took the wonderful stroll around Cesar Chavez Park on a beautiful day and then repaired to 900 Grayson for lunch.

Upon seeing it for the first time, my heart sank a little. It replaced a joint I never entered but noticed every time I passed for the last 30+(?)years -a red greasy spoon that I wish I'd photographed.

Finding a parking place directly in front of the place was a good sign.

It's quite lovely inside, with a nice patio in back. The chairs are a bit spartan (wood with no cushion) and it was really noisy because we arrived around 1:20. I'm sure it'd be much quieter before noon or at around 2.

We both had lattes which were stellar.

Husb. had the chopped Cobb Salad which he said was delicious. I had a lamburger (called something cutesy like Maharaja Mac) with fries. It was juicy and tasty, but there was a little too much of a sour note to the sauce. The fries were of a size between regular and shoestring - very nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

We were both quite satisfied with the food although the bill came to $30+ after adding the tip. A bit steep.

The service was also good. I'm hoping to get back there for breakfast this Friday.

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  1. I went there with a friend for my first time yesterday for lunch and had the Demon Lover chicken and waffles, and it might have been the best chicken and waffle I've ever had! Admittedly, not what I would have wanted if I was craving the salty-sweet chicken grease-syrup combo of traditional chicken and waffles, but it was a very tasty, fancy take on an old favorite. The chicken tenders were moist and lean and the gravy was flavorful without being too salty, with a little kick of spice. I am also looking forward to checking out their breakfast/brunch menu. My husband will be happy to hear they've got a great Cobb salad!

    1. > my heart sank a little. It replaced a joint I never entered but noticed
      > every time I passed for the last 30+(?)years

      If it makes you feel any better, the immediate predecessor was Home Cafe
      which, while producing a great cheap brunch of waffles and grub and having
      some nice music on the back patio on weekends, was only there for about
      three years.

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        The Home Cafe was also the name of Travelin' Joe's predecessor, which was a greasy spoon diner run by an Asian couple when I first moved to the neighborhood 8 years ago. Then it became Travelin Joe's Home Cafe (they actually had the "Travelin Joe's" part above the sign, as I recall). Now that I can see their menu, I am kicking myself for not actually eating their during its brief existence--with reasonably-priced steak and eggs, biscuits and gravy, and corned beef hash, I might actually have been able to drag my husband out of the house for weekend breakfast. Did you eat there and was it any good? No, wait, maybe you shouldn't tell me...

      2. I went there for the first time Tuesday for lunch and also had the Demon Lover chicken and waffles ($10). Not only had I never had chicken and waffles, I had never heard of it as a "thing" until a few months ago on this board. Anyway, it was just great. I don't see how that combination could have been any better. My lunch partner had their "TV Dinner" ($16, changes daily) which was day boat scallops and risotto. It was very good and visually beautiful, but... the portions were sized for someone out of Gulliver's Travels (and I don't mean the big guy). Two scallops, two small pieces of veg (can't remember what they were), and the risotto inside a very small miniture pumpkin. We thought either the cook couldn't count past two or somehow knew it was time for my friend fo start a diet. Anyway, great food all around except for the size of that $16 TV Dinner.

        1. Good Cuban sandwich also.

          1. 900 Grayson is a neighborhood gift - great food, great service, and really good Americanos. Chris and Anthony, who run the front, are brothers and started their restaurant careers at Chez Madeline in Pt Reyes Station. Madeline is their grandmother. The prices are a bit steep, but worth it for the high quality food.