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Oct 25, 2006 10:59 PM

Lunch for the collage student...

Lunch is a constant battle for the cooking illiterate collage student (myself included)it always seems to be a battle between over priced pizza/tacos or the more financially practical sandwich form home. There's got to be better options out there! dose anyone have any good make the night before, easy on the budget, take with you lunch recipe's? and for that matter any good dinner recipe's that don't leave you going "o-not left overs again!" for two weeks after making them.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thank you my english is not vary good.I live in Portland and go to Pacific Northwest Collage of Art.

      1. Hi san ookami,

        Your best bet may be to try this query on the "home cooking" page. It is very easy to dine cheaply and well in the Pacific Northwest -- all of the ingredients are here, fresh, and affordable.

        1. While your best answer is to bring things from home (which is in another forum) here are a couple of ideas -

          When I was a broke student I learned that you can eat pretty cheap at a big hospital - you are near a couple, check out what they have available. I am not sure how much time you have for lunch, but Pill Hill is a short bus hop away.

          "Lunch Cart City" is in the heart of downtown - food carts of all stripes can offer reasonable alternatives. Downtown has several collection places - find one near you.

          Produce Row - just over the bridge on SE 2nd - hearty and cheap sandwiches, good chili (or "chili bean soup" if you prefer), hearty soups. Get a small sandwhich, or split a large with a friend.

          Sheridan - yeah the "produce market" on SE MLK - they are not super cheap (average $6-7 for lunch), but have a small deli packed with homemade entrees, salads, etc. A large grill outside has a daily special that gets you lunch for less than $5 If you get a breakfast there is it a great value - about $4

          While bringing something from home is cheaper, hopefully these will give you some other options. I also make sure and order a HUGE dinner when we go out - and then save half of it for lunch. It gets me great food for less than $5 for lunch :)

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            The problem is that if (s)he thinks that pizza and tacos are overpriced, Produce Row or anything else on your list is going to seem like The French Laundry. Not that the recs are bad, I just think it's impossible to give a rec here beyond: "go to Costco and get a flat of ramen..."

          2. Thanks, they are vary good suggestions. I was looking for things I could make at home and bring with me, how do I get to the bring things from home forum?

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              Click on Board at the top of this page, then choose Home Cooking. Or you can follow this link: