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Oct 25, 2006 10:48 PM

4 Nghts in Chicago

I'm in Chicago until midday Sunday. We have been to Giordano's-somewhat bland but filling and Primehouse for steaks- Bliss!!!
We're form Vancouver so no interest in Chinese Japanese or fusion as we can get that at home.
Wondering about Heaven on Seven and Rosebud....noticed them on our walks.

We love Italian and New American. We are willing to try new taste's and always look for the best regional or unique food

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  1. Here are a couple of ideas for you:
    Wildfire - macadamia nut crusted halbut is delicious, french dip is great for lunch, chicken & steak is tasty as well. Decent desserts and if you like martinis - they have a "fun" martini flight. Can't go wrong with this woodfired seafood/steakhouse - Reasonable prices!

    Shula's - for Steak - will cost around $100 for a couple

    95th Floor Signature Room of the Hancock Building - 312-787-9596 lunch buffet during the week only, reasonably priced - unbelievable views of the city

    AFTER 9:30pm in evening - TRU (676 N Clair) 312-202-0001 does a 4 or 5 course dessert sampling $25 per person. Very Elegant Restaurant (jacket req'd for men)- dessert by well known French chef Gale Gand. Something I cannot fully describe - you have to experience it.

    Fogo De Chao - 661 N LaSalle 312-932-9330 Brazilian Steakhouse -another "experience" - Go for lunch during the week - $28 per person (dinner is $50 per person) same food served. Gauchos prepare and serve you tableside choice of a dozen + different meats. Skip the salad bar (or go very light with it) and go for the MEAT!

    Hope this helps!
    Enjoy the Windy City!

    1. Heaven on Seven is OK. The original is in the loop. You probably see the Michigan Avenue location. A little past its prime.

      Rosebud is better, although I prefer my old standby Coco Pazzo. The orignal Coco on Kinzie is a lot better than the Cafe on St. Clair. A little less formal is Topo Gigio on Wells St. In fact, Wells from Division to North is a fun street to walk down. Lots of food and shopping.

      You might want to check out some of the high end Mexican - a far cry from your standard taco/burrito joint and I bet its not something you can find in the great white north. Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill/Topolobampo have inspired a whole range of options - Salpicon, Mas, Cuatro, etc, but if you only around for a few days and want an entertaining experience, I'd go to Carnivale on Fulton St and make sure to order the Guacamole.

      Another interesting option is Greektown - maybe a 10 minute cab ride from Michigan. Check out past threads. Lots of people enjoy Greek Islands and San Torini.

      For "New American" maybe Naha or Crofton on Wells. Neither is cheap, but excellent food.

      For more check out or any of them have web sites.

      1. I also had a good experience at Wildfire, too. Three people will cost about $150 (with drinks and an appetizer included), and is worth the money. I would definitely go back, and it's not super stuffy in attitude, either.

        1. Heaven on Seven in the loop is still pretty damn good----not to mention the retro location.

          1. Right, but be aware, it's primarily a lunch/breakfast venue. The Rush street version is open for dinner but IMO not worth a special trip.