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Oct 25, 2006 09:36 PM

Want to try, but too overpriced?

Is there a restaurant in LA that you would really like to try but find it too overpriced? And so you've never gone?

Not necessarily that the quality isn't up to par, just that the quality to price ratio makes you hesitate.

For me it might be CAPO.


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  1. cut for the kobe steak.

    capo is well worth a try though. their burrata salad and rack of lamb are DIVINE. :)

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    1. re: wilafur

      You're not missing out on much at CUT, esp. with the Kobe steak.

      At something like $200 for a 10-ouncer, I would much rather spend that kind of cash at Urasawa.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        ah yes. urasawa. so, divert money into my 401k or go to urawsawa? lol!!!

        1. re: wilafur

          It's tough to figure out whether you'd do the 401k or Urasawa. We were there with a large group (9, taking over the entire bar) a couple of weeks ago and the Kobe was exquisite, grilled in small strips very rare - it literally melted in my mouth. Urasawa-san cut the meat from a huge loin that must have cost in the $5-6,000 range I dislike Kobe steaks, ala Cut, too rich, but Urasawa hits home. And, as been told and retold on this board, you get your Kobe fix and "much, much more" at Urasawa. Where would you put your $250?

        2. re: ipsedixit

          To the point of "want to try, but too overpriced," definitely Cut. I'd love to try some American wagyu, but not for the mediocre reviews it's been getting. A restaurant like Urasawa provides an overall experience, which one could argue somehow justifies the cost. Cut just sounds like no fun — not really a foodie place, but a power-dinner temple of excess. Too Park Avenue to throw down for.

      2. Cut & Providence for me (I'm contemplating a glass jar to throw in $3 a week for "Providence Tasting Menu Fund" heh.)


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        1. re: AquaW

          That's a really great idea -- it's amazing how those little amounts add up when you give up a latte or two or a movie rental and then you can go to PRovidence!

          1. L'ORANGERIE is the LA top restaurant I have avoided for many years because I never thought that the price would be worth it. I never let price stop me if I feel the value is there (e.g., URASAWA, PROVIDENCE or the original PATINA). I could never quite get it up for L'ORANGERIE even though I was interested in trying it.

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            1. re: Marco Polo

              Good choice on holding off. I definitely didn't think L'Orangerie was worth it and it wasn't even my money that paid the tab!

              1. re: Marco Polo

                Also, the exec chef when L'Orangerie was at its best moved to La Cachette (slightly less pricey, I think.)

                1. re: Marco Polo

                  L'Orangerie was like going to any of the better french restaurants in the city (albeit more traditional), with a nice space, and a 30% (about) surcharge for the privilege. I went because they were closing, and felt I paid too much. Their wine markups, however, were surprisingly reasonable.

                  1. re: Marco Polo

                    I love L'Orangerie's tasting menu. I think, however, you also pay for the ambience and exquisite service. It's too bad they're closing. :(