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Oct 25, 2006 09:27 PM

Peruvian soup

A few years ago an ex-coworker of mine invited me to her house for a party. At the end of the party, her parents (whom are from Peru) served this amazingly delicious soup that had been simmering all night. They said it was good for preventing hangovers the next day. I believe it was a chicken-stock based soup with parsley -- lots of parsley, as the soup was very green in color. Does anyone know what this soup is called and where the best place to find it in LA might be?


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  1. I believe this is called Aguadito de Pollo. I have had this soup at El Pollo Inka in Lawndale (delicious BTW). But I believe just about every decent Peruvian place might have it.

    1. I rather enjoy the Aguadito at Peruvian Kitchen in Huntington Beach.

      Peruvian Kitchen
      17552 Beach Blvd
      Huntington Beach, CA 92647

      I've got a review in the works, but until I get it up, let me just say that almost everything they do is top notch. It's my default stop for good Peruvian eats.

      - Chubbypanda