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Oct 25, 2006 08:49 PM

Dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays

Hi everyone,

Im going to be in town on a business trip in a few weeks and Im looking for a few restaurants to have dinner at where the food is solid and the service and ambiance wont detract from that.

Im staying in the SOMA area, but I get the impression that the restaurants around there are more about trendy loud spaces and less about the food. I would prefer quieter spaces for a more intimate experience. There is the posibility of an elderly coworker coming with me.

So far, Im looking at Chapeau ( ) and The House ( ).

Any comments on the two places Ive listed, or additional recommendations would be welcome!

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  1. I love both Chapeau! and The House, but they are two of the noisiest and most crowded restaurants. You can avoid the din at The House if you eat early and are on your way by the time it fills up at 7:30pm. I've taken my parents there and it's too loud for them when the room fill sup, but they do enjoy the food very much.

    My recent post on The House -

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        You don't want El Mansour, the majority of the seating is on ottomans and benches, which isn't really comfortable for the elderly.

        You could try Aziza for Moroccan-style food in a more subdued setting. It's a ways from SOMA though.

        I second the other poster on Incanto.

        1. re: Sebby

          Aside from the seating, how is the food and the atmosphere for El Mansour?

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            Hmm, the food was just ok, imho, and I'm sorry, but I hate bellydancers when I'm eating. I don't want to be held in terror that I will be pulled up and made to dance.
            I've only been there once and I won't be going back. Whereas, Aziza, I'll go any day of the week, anytime.

            I have been to Morocco and don't expect truly authentic food here in SF, but a general idea of the flavors. Both of the restaurants do a good job with this. Aziza, gets bonus points because they use local organic produce.

            1. re: Sebby

              Aziza is highly recommended (one of my favorite spots), but a word to the wise... they're closed on Tuesdays.

        2. My favorite Monday-night restaurant is Incanto, usually pretty quiet that night. They're closed Tuesdays.

          Acquerello's the quietest restaurant I've been to in recent years. Open Tuesday- Saturday.

          1. Any recomendations for chinese food, or other asian-ethnic/fusion food?

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            1. re: Euxine

              For Asian Fusion, I like Tangerine in the Castro area. For Monday and Tuesday nights, it shouldn't be too loud there.

            2. On a Monday or Tuesay, few restaurants fill up and SOMA has some of the best serious food restaurants in the city. You don't list a price range.

              Just for solid American food there is Delancy Street. TownsEnd has some good food and is quiet at night. Not my personal favorite, but recommended by lots of people is South Park Cafe.

              Somebody can help on the name, but there is that Asian (?) Vietnamese joint on 3rd and Folsom where Mel's was.

              I like Aziza, but that is one long cab ride from SOMA. On a Monday or Tuesday Coco500 is not crowded and has great food. It goes on.

              Since your mention a hotel in SOMA I'm guessing it is the one on 2nd and Folsom since any other decent hotels in the area would be considered other areas. Fly Trap is a half a block away. It is reliable food. You are not that far from Boulevard if that is your hotel area.

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              1. re: rworange

                I'd say that Im looking for the main dish to be up to $30 a plate, total bill per person to be up to $60. And, Im staying at the Hilton, which is apparently next to Moscone Center(?).


                1. re: Euxine

                  The Hilton is in the Tenderloin, in the block bounded by Taylor, O'Farrell, Mason, and Ellis.

                  Only the most expensive restaurants in SF have entrees over $30.

                  1. re: Euxine

                    if you're in SoMa and you want thai, try Basil. Not expensive, really good amtmosphere, well made thai cuisine. Between 7th & 8th on Folsolm

                  2. re: rworange

                    You're thinking about Bong Su on 3rd and Folsom. Fine vietnamese, but not worth the money. I second Blvd.