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Oct 25, 2006 08:46 PM

Restaurant recommendation in Providence for this Friday night

I will be in Providence this Friday, October 27 and was hoping to get some restaurant recommendations. There will be two of us, we are there for a trade show and are staying at the Westin. I am looking for something with very good food and a nice wine selection, within walking distance would be great, price isn't an issue. I like many types of food but would prefer a place where the service is excellent and you don't have to shout to be heard.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Mediterraneo on Atwells Ave. Modern Italian, excellent food and wine, casual but very professional service. Busy but not raucous.

    Pot au Feu on Custom House Street, if it has not changed in the years since I have gone, is very good. I mention it because it seems the top choice for a tranquil environment.

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      I second the Pot Au Feu (bistro downstairs is more casual) although I haven't been in ages, either.


      As close to a sure thing as possible in my opinion.

      1. Ten Prime on Pine Street is one of my, eclectric decor and great variety of food and drinks.

        Also Providence Prime on Atwells Avenue (Federal Hill) is good.

        1. I reccomend Fire and Ice. It is a Mongolian BBQ, where you get to pick the ingredients you want from a buffet - meat, veggies, sauces - and watch the chefs cook them in front of you on a huge griddle. Many different tasty options, and unlimited trips to the buffet.

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            I've never had a really good meal at Fire and Ice. I don't think it has a particularly good wine list and it's not quiet. Plus you're always out of your seat, assembling yur meal or waiting for it to cook. The sauces are also pretty salty and everything ends up tasting the same. I don't think it meets this poster's requirements at all.

          2. I would recommend new rivers. Menus always is changing and pretty good wine list. Also, a very small setting that is usually not too loud. (menu and wine list on web site).

            Another two places to consider are mill's tavern and gracies.

            All 3 are within walking distance.