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Oct 25, 2006 08:32 PM

Looking for a place for a group Christmas party - ack!

I am looking for any advice about places that might be good for a large group booking towards the end of November. Last year the group went to Eden on Drummond (if that helps at all).

- group would be 50-60
(based on info on this board I called Le Bleu Raisin but they couldn't take a group that big, and they pointed me towards La Prunelle but it seems almost like there hasn't been a single good thing said about that place here)

- per head budget would be $25-30 without drinks

- I think all types of cuisine are open for consideration

- BYOW is certainly welcome though not essential

- central location or on a metro line

- while there seems to be lots of big group friendly places on Prince Arthur I don't gather from here that those are highly rated

- and any advice people might have about being the person in charge of making the booking would also be helpful (ie things I would want ask the restaurant about ahead of time)


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  1. Based on that budget, if it includes tax and tip, you might be best doing Prince Arthur BYOB.

    You might want to ask whether the group will be seated all together, how many servers your table will have, will the gratuity be included or not....

    Groups are tough! Be good to your server(s).

    1. I actually received an email today from the group that owns Carissima and Aquaterra on Mount-Royal. They had menus posted for Xmas. Unfortunately I deleted the email as I had no use for it. But their restaurants would be the right size for you and I'm sure they could arrange something in your budget. You can register for the email communiques at

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        On the off chance that anybody else has this info I'd like to have a look. I registered for their email newsletter and have not heard anything in 5 days. You'd think they'd automatically send the most recent communique to any new subscribers...

      2. There might also be le Jardin de Panos for simple but correct greek food well within the budget. The place is pretty big and could probably accomodate such a group.

        1. I have always enjoyed La Prunelle, actually, although I don't think you could manage a full meal within your range. (esp if this includes tax & tip). Nice casual ambiance and really good service (and food). I certainly prefer it to anywhere on Prince Arthur...

          It may be too small, but what about Meatmarket? Great space, would be just right if they can handle that many, and the prices are really exceptionally reasonable, and the food great.

          And much as I'm not really a fan - it's a touch overambitious, 55 (St-Laurent at Mount-Royal) could definitely be a good option, and I'm sure they'd be willing to work with you on a prix-fixe menu. Very ideal space, and wine is SAQ prices + $3 corking fee. The food is alright - not boring but not inspired, fine although unimpressive. The service isn't stellar but generally friendly.

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          1. re: Abendschein

            I had my birthday party here not long ago we were 30+ and they were still taking other people. They definately have the room for 50-60 in there and if you're on their mailling list then you would have received their XMAS group menus. Most had three courses plus dessert. They're flexible and willing, I'd definately hit them up for group parties, they're always a hit! Simply email them for the special menus, you can find their email on the site

          2. I think La Prunelle was outside the evening's budget but I hadn't mentioned the budget to La Bleu Raisin before they made that recommendation. I guess the connection between the two places was enough to prompt a mention when the capacity was the failing condition.

            But I will be looking into the suggestions at hand. Thanks for the help so far.