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Oct 25, 2006 08:04 PM

lunch recommendations in charlottesville, VA?

I'm meeting my in-laws this weekend in Charlottesville (Shadwell exit off I-64) and am looking for a good, casual place for lunch. Maybe $10-15 or so per entree?

Prefer something where the crowd isn't too young (in-laws are in their 60's), but nothing too stuffy either.

Any recommendations are very much appreciated... thanks!

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  1. Do you want to stick close by the exit? There aren't a lot of good options near that exit. The best bet food-wise is Sticks Kabob shop - but I imagine that's probably a bit too casual (order at counter) and may be too young for what you have in mind. There's also the Lazy Parrot Grill which I've never been to; I think it's a typical burger/chicken breast sandwich place.

    If you are willing to go into the downtown, I'd recommend:

    Bizou - an upscale diner on the west end of the Downtown Mall. The bison meatloaf is a favorite of mine.

    Fuel Co. - on 901 E. Market Street. Menu is at

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    1. re: Cville Mel

      Thanks for the recommendations. Bizou & Fuel Co sound great.

      I'll have a car and am willing to go downtown, which doesn't seem too far away.


      I would highly recommend the above link. The French owner can be a little testy at times but is passionate about his business and food.


      1. Ciboulette has closed. A new restaurant, Orzo, with new owners will open in the same spot on November 1.

        1. Wow! Did not realize that. Do we know what happened and what he is doing now?

          1. Sorry - All I know came from this blurb in a local weekly paper: