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Oct 25, 2006 07:55 PM

BU Area Recs

Going to a show at the Agganis Arena and looking for a place to eat before. Nothing too fancy...just all around good food and drinks.

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  1. Brown Sugar is pretty decent Thai with a novel-length menu and drink options, and it's probably the closest to Agganis. If you go a little further towards Brighton, there's Sunset, bar foodish (and lots of it, another novel-length menu) with delish chicken chili and about a million kinds of beer, or Rangoli for excellent Indian.

    1. Choe's Cafe (Korean) w&b license, 957 Com Ave about a block away.

      1. I like Audubon Circle out that way. Great burger and good menu all around, with very reasonable prices.

        1. I second both Brown Sugar and Rangoli as highly recommended. If you go to Rangoli, don't miss the Chaat Papri, a rarely-served Chickpea and Wheat Cracker salad that is very, very good.