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Oct 25, 2006 07:52 PM

Thanksgiving in South Beach

Looking for very fine restaurant in South Beach for Thanksgiving dinner. Expense doesn't matter much.

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  1. Looking for traditional Thanksgiving food or something different?

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    1. re: cincodemayo1

      Traditional preferred but tell me of others too, please

      1. re: doncant

        Well I've been out of Miami for about 3 years now, but there are a number of great restaurants I still frequent. So I don't know who will be offering traditional meals, but I'm sure most of them will.

        Actually, I'm doing Thanksgiving in Miami this year (at an apartment, though) but I think we're bringing in Joe's Stone Crabs side dished to go with the turkey.

    2. Good luck! I know of no places that are known for their T-Day dinners. You should call around.

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      1. re: netmover

        OK. But could you name two or three that are really fine. I'll call them afterl that.

      2. How about this - Citysearch has a listing of restaurants supposed to be open on Thanksgiving:

        Joe Allen is great, Big Pink is very casual but would probably be a fun thanksgiving, I've never done Blue Door but it's quite posh, being in the Delano and all, nor have I done Shula's Steakhouse.

        Another possible way to get a lead on restaurants that may be open is to check on booking a reservation through Not all local restaurants are on there, but several are. I just tried it and there are several that are apparently booking for Thanksgiving day. Worth noting:

        Chef Allen - this is North Miami so geographically undesirable if you're fixated on South Beach, but I'll bet it's good. Here's the menu:

        In South Beach:
        Americana (in the Ritz Carlton
        )Escopazzo (good Italian)
        Mark's South Beach (one of my favorites)
        The Forge (Mid-Beach, actually; a somewhat silly place but I'll bet it's good for Thanksgiving)

        I'd check and make sure they're really open.

        1. Now that's a real help. Many thanks.