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Oct 25, 2006 07:40 PM

Lester's BBQ in Burlington

Lester's BBQ in Burlington

376 Cambridge Street
Rte 3A and 62 West

Went here for dinner the other night.


Really awesome "Memphis Dry-Rub Ribs"- thick, meaty and juicy. Very tender- almost a bit too tender- I like a bit more chew in my ribs. The meat practically fell off the bone, but not in that icky steamed way. Put it this way- I could eat them one-handed (pissy baby on my lap made me glad of that!) They had a nice bark on them, good smoky flavor. Pulled pork also very good. I liked the pickles a lot, coleslaw too. None of it tasted like it came off the Sysco truck. Hubby said the Longtrail Ale they had on tap was awesome.

Of the BBQ sauces they offered, I liked the hot best, the mustard-based one the least.

Beans were fine- I'm not a big bean person so I'm not the best judge. They were sweet and smoky.

Cornbread was fine- a bit dry and on the sweet side.

Hubby had dirty rice and said it was OK, he wouldn't order it again though.

The chopped Bar-B-Q Beef was not good- very dry. The brownie wasn't particularly good either.

I was REALLY surprised to read old reviews of Lester's say there was no smoke flavor. These very definitely smoky, with a good pink smoke ring.

We'll definitely go back- in fact I'm encouraging hubby to have them cater his next work BBQ.

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  1. I went a few months ago and did not notice much smoke flavor if any at all and almost wrote the place off. But been back a couple of times since then to have the pulled pork. It has been decently smoky the last couple of times I've had it. This is the best pulled pork in the area right now - redbones is inconsistent and usually has no smoke flavor, texture of blue ribbons pp is usually like chunk light tuna.

    The first time I went, I had the sampler and the ribs were as you described, mushy and falling off the bone but no smoke flavor. I would prefer them to be a little less mushy and be able to pull away from the bone easily, but should not fall off the bone by itself.

    For sides I like the coleslaw after adding a wee bit of vinegar sauce - mac n cheese is pretty good too. Beans are too sweet for me. Not a fan of any of the smoky, tomato based sauces they make - vinegar sauces are passable though.

    1. I think consistency is an issue for Lester's. We've been back twice since this report. The first time things were good, but not as great as the first time. We went last night and the ribs were really disappointing. Dried out and mushy. Not much smoke or seasoning flavor and they were greasy to boot.

      1. We just recently did Lester's after someone raved (but we were disappointed).

        I'm not sure where you live but we just found this awesome place in Manch. NH (been 3 times now) - give plenty of time because she's from Georgia and does everything from scratch and it's worth the wait. Ribs, pulled pork, brisket - all her sides, collard greens, fried okra, grits (out of this world) mac n cheese, etc. meats are wood smoked. On elm st. "Premier Palette".

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          That sounds great- a bit far for me and with 2 kids in tow we unfortunately have to find places where we can get in and out pretty quickly. But if I am in the area I will keep it in mind. I'm looking forward to trying Firefly's when they come to Quincy this Spring. I've had them at festivals but haven;t been to any of their restaurants yet.

          Yeah, I'm really bummed about Lester's. It was SO good when we went in October.

          1. re: lexpatti

            I had heard Premier Palette closed its doors. Call before going.

          2. had an early lunch there recently -- was pleasantly surprised b/c I thought it was above average -- slaw was better than usual fare, solid effort on the beans -- yes, smokiness was quite low