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I need to build up my arsenal of local restaurants - HELP!

I'm finally making the move back over the hill to Carthay Circle, a historical neighborhood that I'm sad to admit that I didn't know existed prior to Craigslist. Basically I'll be in between La Cienega (west), Fairfax (east), Olympic (north) and Pico (South). I know about little Ethiopia (although I can't remember which restaurants are supposed to be the best) and I'm all too aquainted with Hansen's, but a girl cannot survive on Ethiopian Food and cake alone! Well, she can, but...

I need a list of the places to try. Is the wierd Penguin Fish & Chips/Teriyaki place a bust or a boon? Does anyone besides Domino's deliver? Where's my nearest Taqueria and how is it? Is there a secret restaurant tucked into an Auto Body shop? (OK, now i'm just being hopeful)

Any and all input is appreciated!

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  1. There's the bakery La Maison du Pain on Pico, with good pastries -- a notch up from cake, anyway.
    There's Chulada Grill on San Vicente and Hauser for decent Mexican.
    There is a funny barbecue place called JJ's that you should check out -- here's a review I did of it.
    And of course there's Versailles for the famous chicken, but don't overlook the pork, which I like better.

    1. I love the menudo at Lucy's. Everything else is ho hum, but the menudo is great. If you get it to go the container is bigger (or, at least, it seems that way) and it almost always contains a whole pork hock to suck on.

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        I love the Menudo at Lucys!

        Don't forget the seafood cocktails. They may be the best deal on the planet!

      2. - hunan taste (chinese food on olympic just east of fairfax, and I believe they deliver)
        - cj's cafe on pico at hauser (more info and pics here: http://tannazie.blogspot.com/2006/07/...
        ) - there is a new place on the same block as cj's called Bloom. It's taken over both Posh on Pico and Sierra Bonita Cafe. Haven't been there but looks like healthy sandwiches, salads, etc. with a European sensibility (http://go2bloom.com
        ) - I like Nick's on Pico just west of La Cienega for greasy spoon breakfast
        - caffe latte on wilshire at crescent heights for good breakfast/coffee
        - wahoo's in the same strip mall for fish tacos (might deliver?)
        - cafe pasquale on san vicente at hauser (cute italian cafe and, bizarrely, shoe repair)
        - cobra lily on wilshire w. of la cienega (tapas, ambiance)
        - pistachio grill on wilshire at la cienega (very cute tiny persian restaurant)
        - sake house miro on la brea south of wilshire (sushi, 'japanese tapas' (er, izikaya)) (pictures and kind-of review here: http://tannazie.blogspot.com/2006/06/...
        ) - shabu shabu ya next door to sake house
        - little bar, 1 block north of sake house (wine and beer, pretty loud, very local, darts)
        - a little farther west of you is the Pico-Robertson area -- a predominantly Jewish area that houses:
        - bibi's warmostone bakery (fresh baked pockets filled with mushrooms, olives, feta, etc. and shakshuka)
        - jeff's gourmet: kosher sausage sandwiches, really good fries
        - tuk tuk: cute thai place

        sorry to gush, but this is my hood! =)

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          Cobra Lily = RIP
          Wahoo's doesn't deliver...
          Also, Mandarette (Beverly and Orlando I believe) for Chinese (they deliver) and Tawanna Thai (in same strip mall as Wahoo's. They also deliver).

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            Yes, I second Tuk Tuk, Pistachio Grill and Sake House Miro. I'll have to try Bloom one of these days.

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              Be careful at Jeff's, they are super Kosher so cover your tattoos (if you have them), don't bring in any outside beverage, and don't even mention cheese (even on accident).

              The crowd is easily offended.

              But the sausages are genius.

            2. thank you for all your help! i'm painting this weekend, so delivery recs are especially appreciated!

              1. The Penguin fried fish spot on Pico is good for cheap, quick, southern-fried catfish, roughy, snapper, shrimp etc. Everything comes with fries and hush puppies. Other sides are also available. Takeout all the way here.

                As fas as delivery, there is a good Indian place in the mini-mall across the street from Penguin. They deliver. I forget the name, but it shouldn't be hard to find. That whole block smells like curry...

                1. India's Grill, San Vicente & L.C. is very close, they deliver, best Indian food in the area.

                  Bistro Baguette Cafe, organic/kosher, sort of middle-eastern/French/Moroccan. I've only eaten there once but it was really good, 8620 Wilshire (can't seem to find my post) and they say they deliver.

                  Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't like Pistachio Grill. Wish I did since they're a block from where I live.

                  Versailles isn't far, La Cienega s. of Pico.

                  Sky Taco's on Pico (should be lots of info on the board.)

                  Twin Dragon delivers (sadly, no chinese in this area)

                  1. Additional nearby places:

                    Magic Carpet, Pico & La Cienega. Excellent Yemenite-Israeli food. Kosher, closed Friday night-Saturday.

                    Olson's Deli. 5660 W Pico. one of the few Swedish food sources in LA.

                    Roscoe's (chicken & waffles) 5006 W. Pico. A bit controversial on this site, but a landmark anyway.

                    La Belle Creole. A Haitian place at 1221 S. LaBrea. I keep meaning to try this place; I asked it about it a few months ago and got only one reply, but it was positive. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                    El Nido, 2112 S La Brea. A little further away (just north of the 10 Freeway), this Nicaraguan mini-mall establishment is nicer inside than it looks from the outside, and is terrific.

                    1. if i lived in your neighborhood, i'd be spending a LOT of time eating at rahel ethiopian restaurant on fairfax.
                      they have a $7 lunch special (amazingly all you can eat) which is wonderful.
                      their injera is, imho, simply the best.

                      1. Hu' s Szechuan delivers. It is in Culver City on National, but it delivers. Pretty good Chinese. Try Kung Pao Chicken and Szechuan Wontons. http://losangeles.citysearch.com/prof...

                        Also, a lot of delivery services will bring you Genghis Cohen. That place is solid.

                        Thai House on Pico is fantastic. Delivers.