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Oct 25, 2006 07:29 PM

How do you dress up a bowl of Top Ramen?

I just had a great bowl of Top Ramen. I used the oriental flavor ramen and crumbled in some tofu and a little jarred chili/garlic sauce at the end. It hit the spot! Any other ideas?

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  1. I heat some coconut milk with a little chicken stock,add about half of the flavor packet & some sriracha hot chili sauce sauce. Cook the noodles in that & I'm good.

    1. Toppings:

      Poached egg, or fried egg over-medium.
      Wakame seaweed (sprinkle while cooking, no need to re-hydrate separately).
      Frozen peas or sugar snap peas.
      Diced ham.
      Minced fresh scallion (green onion).
      Pinch of chopped cilantro.
      Slice of fresh ginger (into the broth).

      1. Shelled edamame beans & little pieces of crumbled bacon.

        1. My signature ramen - cube some tofu into 1/2", chop some broccoli into small pieces, start your ramen and add both. When cooked add some full fat yogurt to which you have added curry powder and a little soy sauce.
          Also - it's good with sour cream.

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            note to the above: I also drain off the water before adding the yogurt (which I prefer to the sour cream), and use half a flavor packet mixed in at the end - chicken

          2. Add a can of chicken and right before it's done cooking stir in an egg or two (like egg drop soup).