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Oct 25, 2006 07:19 PM

RSS formatting and a question

All paragraph formatting is lost in the RSS feeds, which makes reading long posts less than fun. This is true in Google Reader, at least, which is what I use.

Also, is there any chance you'll be adding RSS feeds for searches, or MyChow updates?

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  1. Let me just second the desire for feeds for search results and feeds for My Chow updates.

    I think being able to, say, being able to search for a restaurant name and get a feed of posts that menution that restaurant, would be very helpful.

    Also, it would be useful for people who are interested in posts about a small area which is covered by a broad board. For instance, much of the talk on the Pacific Northwest board is about Seattle, and most of the posts about food in Portland, OR, contain "PDX" in the subject. So a user interested in only Portland posts could subscribe to a search feed for "PDX".

    One more request: a feed for replies to a specific topic would be nice, too, for users who do not want to use My Chow.

    1. Would it be possible to get the poster's name in the RSS feed? A lot of times my desire to read a post is based on who posted it.