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Oct 25, 2006 06:52 PM


Ok, I walk by here all the time, and I love snacking as a way of finding new food, but what should I order? I am a bit clueless about Japanese food.

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  1. I haven't been, but I believe there are only 2 menu items:
    Shouldn't be hard to pick.

    1. it's a great place for a street snack. i go there all the time for the takoyaki -- a fritter of sorts. i think octopus is the most popular, that's the 1 i order. these are topped with a sweet glaze and a dash of something green (sorry don't know what). i also say yes to mayo and bonito flakes which are optional.

      1. otafuku is one of the best snacks in town!
        try okonomiyaki (or if you are really hungry get a combo okonomiyaki and takoyaki -- good deal and delicious!) too -- similar to an omelette with cabbage, choice of pork/shrimp/octopus and same toppings as takoyaki. It's a bit harder to eat while walking but not impossible.

        1. yes! the takoyaki are so good. i like cheese the best. all the toppings are essential - the sweet glaze has a smoky & sweet barbeque flavor. the pancakes - can't remember the proper term - are absolutely delicious as well. usually get them with pork. i like to go with another person and get both to share.

          btw: above link didn't work, at least for me. i tried to post it again, with the proper end (it's and it was cut off again.

          1. yes, that's it, okonomiyaki - guess we were writing at the same time!