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Oct 25, 2006 06:40 PM

good sommelier in LA

Can anyone recommend a well-known/respected/expert sommelier in LA? Could be anywhere, but preferably in a nice restaurant. If you know they are nice as well and would be willing to answer a few questions, even better. Thanks!

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  1. The former sommalier and assistant sommalier from Campanile restaurant are the owners of the Silverlake Wine Store. They are a great resource, very nice and patient.

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      I second Silverlake wine. Ask for Randy.

    2. The sommelier at Norman's (think his name is Peter if I remember correctly) is fantastic. He's a nice helpful guy, who is always on the money with his recommendations. I may as well add a quick plug for their food too - one of the best restaurants in town.

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        peter birmingham is one of the best. he knows the list inside out and can really match wine to food--something that's not terribly easy given the nature of the food at norman's.

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          Another recommendation for Peter Birmingham at Normans. He is amazing. One of the best (if not THE best) sommeliers in Los Angeles...he has many helpful and creative suggestions. Don't go to Norman's without enlisting his expertise.

        2. It sounds like either a) you have a general question or b) you have a specific bottle you'd like someone to take a sip from.
          For a) I'd suggest posting in the Wine board.
          If it's b), visiting the adequate wine store might be a lot easier and cheaper than a restaurant. But further advise would require knowing what type of bottle we're talking about.

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            It's more that I'm trying to find out about the job of sommelier for something I'm working on -- that's why I'd like to talk to someone who's nice and helpful and would be willing to share a few insights.

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              Call Spago Beverly Hills, ask for their wine director Kevin O'Connor. Spago's phone : 310-385-0880

          2. Depending on where you are located... The Silverlake Wine Store is a great resource as is The Wine Country in Long Beach. Both have VERY well informed/educated staffs and they are very helpful.

            As far as restaurant Sommeliers are concerned. Eric at Patina is a certified Master Sommelier, and therefore has great wine knowledge and experience. Additionally The Napa Rose in Anaheim has over 40 certified Sommeliers on staff with several that are at the Advanced Sommelier level... the most in the world. They have a VERY extensive in house wine training program, and their GM, Michael Jordan is an extraordinary Sommelier as well. He teaches their extensive wine program at the restaurant.

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              One other note about Eric at Patina - he was a runner up for the James Beard award for Sommeliers this past year. I believe he lost out the Sommelier at Aureole in Las Vegas.

            2. IMO, Melisse and Sona had the best sommelier. Very knowledgeable.