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Oct 25, 2006 06:34 PM

Il Mulino New York

anybody been there ? i loved the one in new york is this as good?

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  1. I have been for lunch. It is similar but the real estate here is much nicer that the one in the Village. The Bigg's mansion is truly a lovely setting. They do all the same things, many apps, great service. Would go back not so much for the food as the overall experience which is really very pleasant.

    I do not think they claim the be the best Italian restaurant so much as either a really romantic date or wonderful place to go for business.

    1. My wife went with her girlfriend on opening day. It's expected that on opening day the service was panicked and out of sorts. The food took forever. Thankfully her girlfriend picked up the $750 tab for two. Too expensive in my opinion. She did enjoy the food, the beautiful space, and the atmosphere although a bit on the frenzied. I would go on someone else's tab.

      1. We have been to the one in Chicago three times - once the night it opened, again in the summer and about 3 weeks ago. The food was very good and for two the bill was just over $200 (each time) - a long way from $750.