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Oct 25, 2006 06:30 PM

Brooklyn catering co... help!!

Can anyone recommend any chowy but reasonably economical catering companies that are based in Brooklyn?
Need hispanicky appetisers for a couple hundred people.

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  1. Nightkitchen- they are a small team, and we always cater our work functions from them. Really fab food, super nice and quite inexpensive. Call Aaron at 917 482-07-08. Tell him Renata gave you his name. They are a sure bet.

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      Thank you thank you! Do they have a website? Have been trying to search but to no avail.

    2. I don't believe they do. They are a really small operation, but I've seen them cater functions from 20 to 200, always equally great. They are very accommodating to your needs. They make good 'ethnic' eats. I work with diplomats and international functionaries, and every single time, people don't only praise the food extraordinarily, they often ask for their card to use them at their events. I really can't say enough how good they are. And they make the most addictive fudge brownie thingies ever.

      1. Cafe Scarmouche on COurt Street.

        1. Please take a look at my web site I have an extensive Tapas menu as well as many Italian Antipasti and would love to help you out with your party.

          I am a small catering but full service catering company working primarily in the Brooklyn area.

          All my dishes are specially prepared for your event, using only the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes which I have adapted over time to our regional products.

          Please call me at 1 917 327 7086 if you would like more information.

          Thank you,