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Oct 25, 2006 06:25 PM

La Brace on Salem St.

I think me and my mother had the best meal there last night. This is about the 5th or 6th time ive came here. I usullay get the honey-glaze pork chops but this time I went with the Veal Chop which was HUGE. My mom got the homemade cannelloni which she loved.

The didnt have any this time but they have some of the best fried zucchini flowers ive ever had. And they also have some very tasty risotto here. This is probaly my favourite North End restaurant and its only been around for a few months!

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    1. anyone else been here>?

      1. Went here on a tip from limster, liked it enough to review it for The Weekly Dig. Kind of have to agree with the Herald's recent criticisms that the service can be a little coarse. I didn't experience the Herald's issues with the kitchen and wine list being depleted. It's not exactly bargain-priced (grilled entrees, their specialty, run to $30 a pop), but there seems to be a lot of care and quality ingredients in the cookery. Not much to look at: it's all about the food. Some pretty good pastas and seafood bits, too. Worth a look.

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          I think of La Brace as bargain priced in the sense that their bone-in veal chop goes for $30, which is likely to be 70-80% of what one would pay at a steakhouse (I've seen it go for $40 or more). On an absolute scale it's a bit of money, but relative to other places of similar quality, it's a good deal.

        2. I went for the first time last weekend completely by chance. We really enjoyed the food, but the service was a little off. "Coarse" is a good way to put it.

          I had the gnocci with little meatballs - they had a chewy, but not sticky, texture, which I really appreciate in gnocci. The meatballs were little flavor bombs, and the combo was great. My man had pasta à l'amatriciana which was really delicious. Appetizers were beautifully presented and enjoyable; we had the seared scallops (very close to overcooked but good) and the seafood stuffed mushrooms. Portions were small for the price on apps, fairly typical and I would say "fair" on the pasta dishes.

          I would like to try their grilled specialties next time - the ones that passed by en route to other tables were looking very tempting.

          1. went last night and was really dissapointed. used to go a lot when they were new and really empty. was very suprised how bad the food was. cold, slow and the mussels were bad!!! they are a great spot but they got to perform under pressure and for me i am not going back for a good 6 months and then see if they get it together. very sad because this was a go to place. also the menu is awful now becoming more of a typical north end spot with chicken parm??? some may not understand my review but this place was amazing over the summer, and im just really not understanding why the huge downturn. same chef etc!!!!any others thinkin the same?

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            1. re: matt74

              I'm very disappoint to hear that too. Were the dishes different from what you had previously or were they the same ones? (Was wondering if it was part of the menu that was poor or if it was a general decline in quality between the visits.)

              1. re: limster

                the menu was different as they have removed dished that were very good . i do understand though that some menu items are seasonal , but i hope it was just a glitch last night but i cant stress enough how fantastic it was over the summer, and now i was embarrased how i talked it up and my guests were also dissapointed.

                1. re: matt74

                  Yeah, I hate it when that happens to me too. I too am hoping it's a glitch. Will probably give them a shot when I'm in the mood for a big hunk of grilled meat.

              2. re: matt74

                The menu changes you mention are surprising. Very recent reviews (Improper, Globe) also don't suggest any dramatic change from the original concept of lots of grilled meats, some seafood and pasta dishes, not much marinara. The current online menu shows a few dishes like an eggplant parm and a couple of pastas with tomato sauces. I'll be going back soon to investigate, as I really like this place, and will follow up with a report.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  slim, i would be interested to hear your thoughts on your return visit. and i suggest you try it on a sat night! i really hope they get it together.