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Oct 25, 2006 06:21 PM

Bob's 88 Shabu-Shabu

I'd like to try this place at 6 pm on a Saturday night -- preparation for an upcoming trip to Tokyo -- and wonder if if anyone knows how long I might have to wait for a table, or if they take reservations. Can't find any listing online to call and don't live nearby in order to stop in and ask. I do know that it is in the old Paisano's, so I will be able to find it at least. Anybody have more info?

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  1. Don't know if they take reservations - but they seem pretty busy at dinner time on weekdays, so I imagine it's busier on weekends.

    Phone number is 301-294-5888.

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      I saw that the Weashington Post did a small piece in the Food section on this restaurant yesterday. So it may be busier in upcoming days due to that publicity.

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        Except they accidentally listed the address as Falls Church, not Rockville. So it remains our (not so little) secret!

    2. Wanted to update: We went last night and loved it. At 6 pm three of us were seated at a table with another couple, which was fine with us. We'd been told we'd have to wait 20 minutes but it was more like 5. We shared a beef/lamb combo and the seafood. They charged $5 to give me my own broth, which was strange given that it costs like $2 to get another order of something like shrimp or scallops or dumplings. Still, all in all a good bargain.

      We definitely recommend that when you're done with all the goodies and the broth is flavored with everything you've cooked in it, spoon the broth into your bowl and drink it up.

      When we left, around 7:15, there was a line out the door!