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Oct 25, 2006 06:16 PM

Romantic home cooked dinner from common ingredients?

Aniversary today and husband and I were going to take off the day and celebrate. Sick son foiled those plans. Any ideas for a romantic dinner with ingredients on hand (son too sick to go shopping and I haven't shopped in awhile...) Or should we just forget about the anniversary and order pizza? ;)

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  1. It's hard without knowing what you have on hand. If it were us, pizza and red wine would be considered fairly romantic ;)
    Or, we'd order something a little nicer, probably sushi, and get out the nice dishes & candles.

    1. Fondue (either dessert or cheese) can be fun and is easy to improvise with whatever's on hand.

      1. Put your son to bed early and do take out from your favorite place. Make reservations for the weekend.:-)

        If you want to cook in, there was a thread about carbonara that had my mouth watering. That, a salad, and some molten chocolate cake (if you have cream) would be nice. Romantic? In the eye of the beholder.

        1. if there is a place nearby that you both enjoy that does well for pick up, perhaps you could do that.

          I have a nice chicken & artichoke (can) dish recipe that I made once as a nice dinner for a similar reason of using what's on hand.

          it would help if you listed some of your on hand ingredients

          1. I whole-heartedly encourage take out! Use the time for something else, wink! It is your anniversary!

            Have a great night!