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Oct 25, 2006 05:47 PM

Cheap eats in SoHo

I used to live in Hell's Kitchen, but am back home on the west coast these days. Visiting next week, staying in SoHo, need recommendations for cheap but really good food. Where do the locals eat?

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  1. Grandaisy (formerly Sullivan Street Bakery) for bread, pizza, and pastries; Alidoro on Sullivan for Italian sandwiches; Fanelli's on Prince for burgers; Snack on Thompson for Greek; the taco truck on Wooster north of Prince (though I'm not sure of the hours beyond weekday lunchtime); pizza at Lombardi's, Arturo's, or DeMarco's.

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    1. re: Katherine H

      Cheapest and best that I've found in SoHo (besides the Calexico mexican food cart at Wooster and Prince which you might not want to bother with, being from the west coast) is the hole-in-the-wall Dominican spot La Conquita, NW corner of Lafayette at Spring. Take it to go or eat at the counter and glare happily at the puzzled outdoor mallrats as they walk by. A huge platter of rice, beans, maduro, bbq chicken or a stew for little more than a fiver. Especially since you can't find this stuff on the left coast.

      So Katherine H, how's Grandaisy (ugh) since the switchover? Still worth being the other SoHo standby after La Conquita?

      1. re: Spoony Bard

        I haven't made a full assessment yet, but I haven't noticed any drop-off in quality at Grandaisy since the name change. I got some ciabatta over the weekend that was excellent, as usual.

        I'll have to try La Conquita - thanks for the tip.

        1. re: Spoony Bard

          Thanks for the tip! La Conquita sounds fantastic! You're right, no Dominican food on the west coast for some reason...

      2. My Soho cheap eats favorites are:

        Cubano Cafe

        Il Corallo Trattoria


        Pepe Rosso

        1. Jerry's is cheap and cheerful.

          Cafe Habana, on Spring and Elizabeth (?) won't break the bank in the evening. The Cubano sandwich there is excellent, as are the prawns.

          Buffa's, tragically, is gone, and with it, a link to the old days of Italian Soho, and the Scorsese tradition east of Broadway.

          Even Gitane, a hipster spot on Elizabeth (I get mixed up) opposite Old St Patrick's, has excellent food, full of value. Like the cous cous, or the chicken sandwich, or the salads. Really good, and very Soho.

          Have fun!

          - Sean

          1. Thank you guys! Can't wait to get there!

            1. There's a Greek take out place that sells spinakopita by the square and dip by the container. Would be a nice match with some fresh bread.

              Don't know the exact adddress, but a SOHO resident might.

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              1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                Do you mean the Yoghurt Place on Sullivan next to Grandaisy? Delicious Greek snacks!