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Oct 25, 2006 05:37 PM

seeking the "Sripraphai of Malaysian Food"

I think I have roti canai and nasi lemak fatigue. Eaten many meals at all the usual suspects (penang, nyonyna, singapore cafe, new indonesia and malaysia (or sanur), istana) and just really bored. eaten through most of the menu and the hits, but just uninspired now.

can anyone recommend a new or slightly different malaysian? I have NOT eaten at the sentosa in flushing yet so maybe that's it. basically, I'm looking for the Sripraphai of Malaysian Food! Any pointers?

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  1. I haven't been, but there's been a lot of talk about Skyway:

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    1. re: Lucia

      thanks for pointing me in this direction. going tonight!

    2. Have you tried Sentosa in Flushing? A 3-minute walk from the last stop on the 7 train.

      1. I'm very fond of the Brooklyn branch of Nyonya. I haven't been to Skyway or Sentosa. If anybody has been to either + Brooklyn Nyonya (much better than the one in Chinatown these days), please post a comparison.


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        1. re: Peter Cherches

          We had a fairly crummy disappointing meal at the Brooklyn Nyonya a few weeks back - underseasoned, flabby, just not all that great. They only thing that was really good was the char kway teo - I thought the food at Belacan Cafe on 7th Ave (really a spinoff - the owner, a Chinese from Calcutta originally, learned his stuff at Nyonya) was quite a bit better, tho not all their dishes really come up to the Malaysian mark either.

          Its been a long time since I had a really delicious Singapore/Malaysian meal in NYC.

          1. If you have not tried Fatty Crab, you need to go. It is not necessarily authentic Malaysian, but Zack Pelaccio traveled through the country for around 3 years. The food is spectacular!!! Try the skate, the Lo si fun and the watermelon and pork belly salad. This is the same chef who had Chicken bone in brooklyn and now has Five Ninth in the city.

            1. I heard about this place but haven't tried it. I heard the menu is a mix of Indonesian/Malaysian and some Thai.

              82-69 Broadway, Elmhurst Queens