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Oct 25, 2006 05:30 PM

Korea Town Rec for first timers?

Looking to go to dinner at a fun, not too pricey korean place. We are not familiar with Korean dishes - any recs?

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  1. Go search for it here.
    Just type Korean and I can gurantee that you will find more recommendations than you need.

    1. Monica -
      I have searched on here. Most of the posts talk about how a restaurant does "decent bibimbap but if you're not ordering the sullungtang, you're missing the point of going there."

      I do not understand what this means since I am not familiar with Korean dishes. That's why I'm looking for a simpler recommendation.

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      1. re: shorts

        LOL Sorry!
        For beginner, I recommend 'gop dol bibimbap', 'pa juhn' and 'chap chae'. If you like spicy food, go for Korean stew/soup on the menu. Tons of fish stew like cod and fish roe to choose from and they are all tasty.
        BBQ is fun and tasty but can be quite pricy especially in Manhattan.
        I recommend 'Shilla' on 32nd Street for a beginner. I saw tons of non koreans last night. Their waiters/waitresses are younger so I assume they speak better english.
        But my favorite Korean restaurant is 'cho dang gol' on 35th street.

      2. For beginners I would probably recommend the usual standards: jap chae (glass noodles), mandoo (fried dumplings), pajun (fried pancake-like thing with e.g., seafood, green onion - can be a bit oily), and bibimbap (all different kinds but basically big bowl of rice with a bunch of vegetables and meat served over it.) - get the dol sot bi bim bap and it arrives sizzling in a hot stone bowl with an egg over it and you mix it all up to cook the egg. Basic bbq: bulgogi or kalbi (short ribs).

        I like Han Bat for the basics (no bbq) and Kang Suh for bbq (more expensive but good quality meat). Hope this helps.

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        1. re: Cheesehead2

          I agree almost completely with Cheesehead2-- Han Bat is great for the greatest hits of Korean cuisine. It's also open 24 hours a day.



        2. Hey, shorts, I think the "fun" thing to do at Korean restaurants is the barbecue, where you get to cook your food (each person chooses from a menu of meats, chicken, shrimp, etc.) on a grill at your table. There are lots of little bowls of accompaniments called panchan, along with dipping sauces and large lettuce leaves with which to make wraps. I recommend Kang Suh, which has an excellent barbecue. It's on the corner of B'way & 32nd St. (entrance on 32nd).

          Hope this helps. Enjoy!

          1. i like kum gung san for casual fun.

            for a hipper experience, try dok suni in the east village. it may not be the most authentic, but it's certainly quite good. i enjoy the music and atmosphere (think david bowie, small and quaint, and ginger martinis!)

            one of my favorite dishes - appetizer or snack - is duk boki. rice cakes in very spicy sauce. they have it at dok suni but not at kum gung san, if my memory is correct.