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Oct 25, 2006 05:24 PM

Thanksgiving in Seattle

We're going to eat out this Thanksgiving. Any restaurant recommendations for around $30/person? Also, need vegetarian or seafood options as well as the standard turkey. Thank you.

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  1. Boychucker, If you want to try a true Chowhound approach, I suggest you give LOLA a try this year.

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    1. re: Walters

      Thanks, Walters. I think a Tom Douglas place would be great, never been to Lola. I wonder what they'll serve for Thanksgiving.

    2. Kaspar's does a nice job of it. I went last year and am returning this year. They charge $40. Incredible spread of lovely food.

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      1. re: itsonlyfood

        WOW! That menu is incredible! I think we may have a winner! :)

      2. Boychucker, You might want to have a look at Ray's Boathouse for Thanksgiving. Here is the events page for the restaurant that gives all the details for the holiday. I think they are within your price range. There is also Salty's on Alkai. They are probably doing a buffet and will have some good music. That way everyone can get what they want. Their buffets are pretty darn good. I did not see anything posted on their site, but I am SURE they are doing it. Good luck and happy turkey day.

        1. We've done the Thanksgiving buffets at Kaspar's, Ray's Boathouse, and Salty's on Alki--all very good. We haven't been to the restaurant at the Edgewater Hotel since it became Six Seven, but they used to have a pretty good Thanksgiving buffet when it was Ernie's.

          It really isn't too early to be deciding and making a reservation. I called Salty's yeterday and they were already totally booked for 3 pm--we had to go with a different time.