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Oct 25, 2006 05:14 PM

Would You Still Goto A Restaurant If The Owner/Chef Was A JERK?

so, there is this restaurant in my snall town that is very good and locals along with weekend NYers love it.

BUT the owner/chef is a jack-ass! i see him almost everyday at the market i work at buying his newspaper. he always just throws his dollar bill on the counter and looks pissed off at the world. i have tried to say HI and make small talk but he wants nothing to do with it and is just plain rude.

other people have said the same thing and i keep saying " i am never going back to so & so..." ( but i do...)

what do you think? we are the locals who keep his restaurant alive while the NYers arent here. shouldnt he give a crap?

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  1. No. Once I started getting the inside scoop regarding what happens at the restaurant where my SO works, and I won't go there anymore. I don't want to give any money to people like that.

    1. Yes. When you eat there, just throw your payment on the table and refuse to talk to him.

      Seriously, is he sincere about his work and does he do it with dedication? Some small owners excel in their work but suck at dealing with the public. If so, I would overlook his personality; however you might find ways to remind him that he needs his local customers. But if he mistreats him employees that's a different story; I hate giving my money to people who do that.

      1. Depends on the jerk.

        There's a place in DC where the Chowhounds rave about the food, but the lead chef is something of a perfectionist. No substitutions, no condiments on the tables because the food is seasoned the way SHE wants it to be and too bad if you don't like it, etc. Some folks are willing to put up with it, but I'd be inclined to avoid the place.

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          I was going to leave a similar post about the same place in DC. My wife and I do choose to visit somewhat regularly because we love the food and the place itself. Chef has a certain rep, and so far, for us, it's been great. If you have an issue with something that comes out of the kitchen, tho', beware -- and I do think that that's a fair thing to consider re choosing to patronize the place.

        2. For what you described above, I'd still go to his restaurant. I dealt w/a jackass who was flat out rude to customers....when he aimed it at me, I gave him a piece of my mind and would never go back.

          1. It would depend on the situation – and to be honest, on how amazing the restaurant was. If the restaurant was otherworldly and I didn’t have to deal w/ him at the restaurant, I would probably still go. But a night out is such a subjective experience, if I had a bad feeling about the place, I’d be unlikely to want to spend my money there.

            We do cut neighborhood restaurants more slack than we would other places – a bad meal or subpar service can be outweighed by the convenience and our desire to support local businesses. We have never encountered outright rudeness, though.

            I should note that your description does not, however, in my mind, necessarily mean the chef is a jerk. My husband is a sweetheart but 1) generally reserved with people he doesn’t know and 2) a scientist, with all the attendant distractedness that can come from mulling over this and that. I have been working to try to make him more comfortable with small talk with people behind counters, because I can tell he sometimes comes off as brusque or unfriendly when that is not his intention. So I would probably be inclined to cut your chef some slack under the assumption that he might be the same. (Not to say that you should, but you asked what we would do.)