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Oct 25, 2006 05:01 PM

New Yorkers coming to the Detroit Area..Foodie Help.

Hello! Myself and my bf will be in the Detroit area for thanksgiving. We usually get stuck in suburbia, but this time I would like to try a fun restaurant, any cuisine, something that has great food but is modern--we are in our early thirties. I think we will be in the Novi area, but we have access to a car.

Grateful for your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Birmingham is really fun and has great restaurant choices. Two good ones are Mitchell's for seafood or Cameron's nextdoor for steak. Cameron's can be pretty pricy (I guess for Detroit standards, not necessarily NYC) but has great people watching and great food.

    1. I think you should try Tribute in Farmington Hills (not far from Novi). IT is one of the best restaurants in the country, so says the NY Times and Gourmet.

      1. For a really good, pricey meal in a quiet ambiance in little house in Detroit's second downtown, New Center, try Cuisine, on Lothrop St., I have never quite been able to swing Tribute financially, but it is also very well regarded.

        You could also try to get something that you can't find in NYC. On the NW corner of 9 Mile and Coolidge in Oak Park is a restaurant where the Chaldeans--Christian Iraqis--hang out. Cuisine is distinct from other Middle Eastern places, with good fish. Big crowds of people at long tables. Can't remember the name for certain, but I think it's Sahara.

        In Ann Arbor I took some New Yorkers to Ayse's Turkish Cafe, on the backside of the Plymouth Road Shops, 1703 Plymouth Rd. (not visible from Plymouth). They liked it, and I asked if they could have gotten the meal in New York. They said maybe, but it would have cost three or four times as much. Very tasty Turkish home cooking.

        A note on this last and on other places around here--the most distinctive foods in metro Detroit come from Islamic cultures; thus alcohol is not served.

        In Birmingham also try Streetside Seafood. Enjoy!

        1. I was going to recommend the Rattlesnake Club until I checked the menu and saw they were serving foam. Astounding view, though.

          Try Atlas Gobal Bistro on Woodward Ave. between downtown and the Cultural Center. 3111 Woodward at Charlotte.

          Or Cuisine or Streetside Seafood. Both good recommondations.

          If you have too much money, try the Lark. Incredible.

          1. Fun, modern and great food. I would say that several of the places listed above do not score on all three points.

            I would recommend in Birmingham, Camerons ( or Forte (, Tribute in Farmington Hills (, Bacco in Southfield (, Crave in Dearborn (

            Maybe NoVI (pronounced "Number Six"; in Novi if you want to stay close.