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Oct 25, 2006 04:37 PM

Devereaux's (in Greenville) - Chef's Tasting

Has anyone done the 10 course chef's tasting at Devereaux's? It's 100pp and I'm wondering what the flow/presentation/variety is like. The prix fixe that they offer nightly always sounds good and I've thoroughly enjoyed every dish I've ordered off of the menu - so I'm guessing I will like it, but looking for opinions...


(FWIW - I've had and would recommend: pork 3 ways, ahi tuna, grouper, heirloom tomato salad, cheese plate...)

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  1. I tried the tasting menu last year. It was not the 10 course, however...not sure how many...I think it was $60-$80 or so.

    I thought everything was good...but there was something vaguely unsatisfying about it as a meal. It was completely protein intensive, which I know is what you want when you're paying top dollar...but it was last summer when I went, and I expected to enjoy a little more of the season's produce.

    Flow and presentation were good, as I recall. I'm pretty sure I was happy w/ the pairings as well.