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Oct 25, 2006 04:28 PM

Cala's Manchester

We ate here in July because the menu looked so inventive/promising.
WRONG. menu read very well but execution was sophomoric. don't get fooled like me. i hope SOMA is good when we finally get there...

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  1. I seem to only post when my favorite restaurant is mentioned, so I wont mention them now, but I agree about Cala's. If you have ever been to his other restaurant in Gloucester, Alchemy, you would know his menu philosophy. List as many exotic and interesting ingredients as possible, even if they are out of season, and then just tell people you are out of it when they order. The few times I have visited his restaurants I had to go with my 6th or 7th option. These places, if in the Boston area, would fail miserably.

    1. Just wondering: Is Alchemy in Gloucester connected with the one on the Vineyard? I've heard good things about the one in gloucester, and really good things about the one on the Vineyard.

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