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Oct 25, 2006 03:59 PM

Question for vodka lovers

I normally am a wine and beer drinker, however, I recently picked up a bottle of Cold River Vodka to try. While I sipped a little of it straight up to get a sense of the flavor, I then ended up using it to make a pomegranate martini with a Stirrings mixer. While it was very good, I couldn't really taste the vodka. What is the best way to enjoy a premium vodka that lets you taste it, without it being too strong? When I was younger, I just drank vodkas and tonics, but I think I was using the cheaper, $10 and under bottles, so I didn't care about the flavor. I also enjoy Cosmos, but again, then you are mostly tasting the cranberry and lime. Thanks.

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  1. That's a toughie, as the very purpose of most cocktails is to mask the taste of alcohol, to varying degrees.

    Martinis with just a hint of vermouth are great, obviously, but you said "not too strong"

    Maybe a Russian-style zakuski spread, where you sip neat or take shots in between helpings of pickled cucumbers & mushrooms, good rye bread, smoked fish etc. The vodka improves the taste of the zakuski and vice versa, and the food will keep you from getting too drunk. (Try to pace yourself between shots, obviously). Also have nice juice chasers, like pomegranate or blood orange juice.

    1. Frozen - is the only way to drink vodka straight - place the bottle in the freezer until well chiller - almost frozen - then serve it neat - only way I drink premium vodka

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        agree. If you have a good vodka, and want to really TASTE it, you should probably just drink it straight. I highly recommend Shakers, though it's not available in all states.

      2. Thank you for your suggestios. I ended up putting the vodka in the freezer for a few hours first, and that helped immensely. Much more palatable, and tasty too.

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          served this way you can tell subtle differences between the high end vodkas -