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Oct 25, 2006 03:51 PM

Any new restaurants worth trying?

Last "new" place I tried was Dante's and really liked it. Anywhere Boston, Brookline, Cambridge. Also recently visted old favs, like Toro, Anna Sorum's place (name escapes me), No. 9 and Salts. Doesn't have to be that fancy, but not a dive either. Thanks.

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  1. Wow, this speaks volumes doesn't it. Nothing new worth trying!

    1. Pho Yuen Dong in Quincy is definitely worth checking out. It has become one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants.

      And of course, there is the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square, Cambridge, though it seems that a lot of people have been disappointed by it (I liked it, but it didn't exactly wow me).

      1. Marc, did you get the Beef on Weck yet?

        Anyway, notable newish places in the North End include La Brace, Eclano, La Galleria 33.

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        1. re: Bostonbob3

          No, no beef on weck yet. ;-/ I'm very sad about that....hopefully they will have it some night, as I can't get there during the day.

          Bob, out of those three places, which is the most casual and leans most toward Southern Italian cooking? Or should I stick with Rabia's or Antico Forno the next time I'm in the neighborhood?

          1. re: hiddenboston

            I'd do the latter. All three of the newbies have a pretty strong "grilled meats" emphasis (especially La Brace, which means "the grill"). For good, casual Southern Italian, you already know the best places to go. :)

        2. try Bouchee on Newbury Street. I was pleasantly surprised - thought since it's owned by a boring old restaurant group that it wouldn't be all that enjoyable but the food was lovely and the room was warm and pretty...maybe a little on the noisy side but we were seated at the bar on a Friday night.

          Copia just opened in Charlestown. If you're a fan of Prezza in the North End, then it's probably worth checking out - same chef-owner, though more of a steak house twist.