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Oct 25, 2006 03:08 PM

Wife's 47th Bday - Nov 5th Sunday dinner at stylish, great atmosphere restaurant in DC that's actually open?

So I thought I'd take my wife to Rasika for her B'day dinner this year as I've heard it's nice inside and the food's great. It's closed on Sunday's so that's out. Recently I've been to Zengo and loved it but we're already going back with friends next month another night. We tried Zatinya but she was underwhelmed. Then I saw a post about Palena and though - great, that's it. Well, you of course already know - it's closed too.

We can't spend more than about $50 p/p for dinner and we don't drink. Sometimes we even split a main entree, an appetizer, a soup, salad and dessert and it's truly plenty of food for us. I thought ethnic would be great as it's usually modestly priced (vs The Capital Grille DC) but I don't want to go to a place that doesn't have a killer decor. I LOVE Zengo's decor and set up. It seemed so mod and happening inside. I'm already going to Oya with a group of guys that same week too to try that place, so I'm trying to find a comparable atmosphere without spending a fortune. A place like Cityzen is too much money for us. Komi is closed too, and she wasn't too thrilled with her steak that night but loved the lollipop after the meal :o). 2 years later she still talks about that lollipop and wonders why they'd give out a free treat that causes people to linger an extra 20 minutes after their meal sucking on it!

We'll be dining with another couple so that's another component. Any thoughts? I thought about Corduroy too, but they're closed on Sundays. Citronelle is WAYY too expensive. We eat early, at 630pm. Ray's the Classics is only 20 min from our house, but closed on Sundays. Jackies is funky but we've been there done that already a few times. It doesn't HAVE to be in DC this restaurant we're looking for, but it would be fun to venture down there. The last time we went out with this couple we tried Lauriol Plaza for the 1st time and it was most excellent.


Steve R
Silver Spring MD

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  1. Cafe Atlantico might match what you are looking for. Funky decor, great foo and reasonable prices. Sometimes my husband and I spend more than $50 each, but that is because we have a weakness for their mojitos, which won't be a problem for you.

    Another recommendation is Acadiana. The decor isn't funky, but it's nice. And the food was really good. We went during restaurant week, but I think it was still within the price range you are looking for.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: MalinDC

      As soon as I started reading the original post I was thinking "they'd love Cafe Atlantico." Go.

      1. re: MalinDC

        Thanks for the recommendations. I've been to Cafe Atlantico once with a large bunch of guys and it was very expensive, but we ate practically everything on the menu!

        I just looked into Acadiana as well and it IS open due to Cirque de Soleil being in town that week on Sunday from 6-9pm. I will show her the menus tomorrow. I REALLY wish Ray's the Steaks was open on Sundays. That is so close to our home and looks fantastic. $5 desserts? I'm there :o). I wonder how good Ceviche in Silver Spring is? My friend's went there and loved it. We did a "Guy's Night Out" one night at Taste of Morocco in City Place Mall there and really enjoyed the food and the dancing.

        Steve R

      2. I believe Ray's the Steaks is open on Sundays now.

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        1. re: holdtheline

          My mistake... I mean't Ray's the Classics not being open Sunday's. We don't want to go to Arlington for this dinner. No offense, but we're Marylander's and we don't go to Virginia for anything other than Dulles Airport to leave town and Tyson's Corner shopping sprees :o).

          Steve: Citronelle lounge? I just checked the menu and it certainly is doable. Can you get a table there in the lounge to accomodate 4 people? I'll call them tomorrow! The thought of going to Citronelle - ooolala. Even if I had to eat in the bathroom, that place must be fun.

          Steve R
          Silver Spring

          1. re: stever500

            I have seen four people there eating together. Really, the lounge at Citronelle is the perfect pre-theatre, light snack restaurant as well as a place to celebrate without shelling out a ton of money - though that option is there if you want to. Just waltz right in, the service is speedy, and the food is exceptional and fun. But I doubt you can reserve.

        2. Why do you say Citronelle is way too expensive? Spend as much or as little as you like. Eat in the lounge. Especially if you are willing to share, you could make an exquisite meal there. No reservations necessary. I suggest you take a look at their lounge menu online. Start off with the mushroom cigars (14$), which are meant to be shared. I think you'll do fine.